Salvation in Christ
2001 by Natalie Pappas

To those outside the realm of Christianity, it is foolishness to believe God paid for the world's sins. Now, to the Christian's point of view, anyone wanting to stand in front of God to take responsiblity for one's own failings is the true definition of foolishness.

I'm all for accepting responsiblity for my failings in dealing with other people, but when I fail with other people, I also fail with God. Even if I go to a person and apologize for what I've done, even if that person forgives me, God doesn't. He won't forget or forgive -- not in this world or the hereafter. It is not 'mature' to die, stand in front of God, and tell Him that you're responsibile for your own sins. It is foolish. Why? Because He will take you up on your offer. He will hold you responsible. You will be in His debt for your sins -- forever. The Bible teaches that there will be no amount of time that you can serve for your sentence because there is no time in eternity. There is nothing you can do while serving your sentence to make up for your mistakes either. God simply won't accept any excuse or reason for our sins. Why? Because He offered the alternative already and it was refused.

If you die before accepting the only way out of your responsibility for your sins, you will pay for your mistakes in a state of existence that the Bible calls "torments" in a place called "The Lake of Fire". There is no stronger word for pain than this word "torments". It is a concept that you and I cannot grasp in this world. We can apprehend it, but not comprehend it.

If you are not dead yet, there IS a way out of eternal torments, but if you die without telling God that you need His payment for your sins, then you are lost forever, for as long as eternity lasts (which is forever).

Right now, while alive, is the time that to stand in front of God and take responsibility for our eternal souls. We need to tell Him our mistakes and failings and agree with Him that they are an offense to Him. He will forgive us our sins because He knows we can't help BUT sin. That's why He came to take our sins away.

That's the understanding and merciful God I love. He gives and gives as much as it takes for those who will believe that He paid for our sins, and not only our sins, but the sins of the whole world. But if we die and we haven't settled matters with Him....

....don't be foolish. Believe and be saved.

Bible Passages for futher reading: John chapters 1-3; Romans chapters 1-8; 1st Corinthians chapter 15; Galatians chapter 1; Ephesians chapters 1-3; 1st John chapter 1; Luke chapter 16; The entire book of Revelation.

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