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Witnesses, when testifying in a trial, will each have their own set of details. When these details are put together and examined they will produce an accurate account of the event in question.

The witnesses of the four gosels do exactly this when recalling the account of the life of the Lord Jesus Christ.

However, in order to have a valid testimony every witness must be reliable. If a lawyer wishes to discredit a witness, any witness, he must first show evidence that the witness is not reliable.

If then the lawyer is unable to discredit the witnessess, he cannot discount the witnesses testimony either. And if then the lawyer can't discount the testimony, and he still chooses to disbelieve the witness, then we might say that lawyer is deluded. Delusion is described by psychiatry as holding to a false persistant belief which is not substantiated by sensory evidence.

Research involves looking at both sides of an issue in order to come up with an unbiased answer.

I had to do this with the WTB&TS as a young Christian. When I searched out the evidence, I found the WTB&TS was wrong about its claims about the Church Fathers not believing in the Trinity. When I examined the grammar of the Koine Greek language, I found out the WTB&TS was wrong about John 1:1. And when I looked at the historical evidence about the resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ, I found out that the WTB&TS was wrong about that as well--His resurrection was indeed a bodily raising from the dead!

I recently joined a mailing list for ex-JWs who are searching for answers. In this list I found a small amount of godly Christians who are attempting to minister, and I found quite a few ex-JWs who have rejected God altogether. I think it is important to get both sides of an issue so I would recommend joining an email list if you have come to the point where you want different sides of this issue.

However, be certain that you if you do join a list to examine all sides of an issue carefully. You will find many different types of people on these lists. You will encounter all those in "Christendom" who are still pushing those doctrinal issues you've been conditioned against, such as the Trinity and Hellfire. You will also find current JWs who think the Organization simply needs re-organization, yet they still cling to every doctrinal issue the Society teaches. You will find disillusioned ex-JWs who claim no one can possibly have the truth, and these will range from athiests to universalists (the belief that everyone will be saved eventually no matter what belief system they believe), all the way to liberal folk (ex-JWs as well as those who claim to be part of Christendom) who claim that the gospels weren't written by Matthew, Mark, Luke, or John, and that Paul simply was deluded at his conversion. The latter are usually pushing humanism, a religion in its own right.

The list I'm a part of is maintained by a fellow believer like myself who does push Christendom doctrine such as the Trinity, etc...., but he does allow discussion of all types. To join, email Majordomo and write "subscribe watchtower-review" in the body of the message.

So be a valid Witness. Make sure what you testify to really did happen. Do adaquate research. Don't let your testimony be discredited by the manner in which you live your life. When you have all the facts you will be able to come up with the correct answer. After all, your eternity is at stake. Let nothing and nobody disuade you from finding out the truth about the Lord Jesus Christ!

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