Rescue received word from our intake team that our contact in Kingman, June has been given a golden boy from a rancher who had tried for two weeks to find the owner. The rancher had found Zeke in the desert where he had been dumped to die. June wanted to know if we would accept this boy into Rescue . She did note he had a tumor in his mouth, and wasnít neutered.

Our intake set up transport with Sandee to meet June in Nothing, Arizona. After he was picked up and taken to our vet we found he had a cancerous growth on his mouth and that the cancer had spread throughout his body. Basically at this point there was nothing we could do to help him medically get better. It was determined that we should send Zeke to the bridge as we felt he was in pain.

The next day Sandee was going to spend the day with him taking him to parks and for lunch and during the day she just felt more uncomfortable with a decision to send him to the bridge. When she met Deb (our vet liaison) and Kati (president) they all agreed along with our vet that he had life to live yet and to give him a chance. So, foster home director contacted me and asked if I would be willing to take Zeke in until HE said it was time. There was no hesitation on my part (even though I hadnít asked Greg yet).

Sandee delivered Zeke to me on Friday, February 8, and the rest has been nothing but fun, living life and having each moment count.

You may wonder why I called him Zekeóthe Man. Well itís a funny story actually. When I had told Greg about our new guest he was well up for it, but I hadnít told him he wasnít neutered. About two days after Zeke joining us, Greg yelled at me from the other room asking if I knew Zeke had his privates! Yep, I knew, hence, --the man.

Zeke has shown us all what living for the moment means. He EATS well, even though the tumor may cause problems with very hard large kibble, we adjust that will smaller bite kibble. We tried the larger ones early on and soaked them but he didnít like that at all.

He loves woobies like you wouldnít believe. Iíve found him waking up with a woobie to greet you with a nice roo-roo with woobie in mouth, when you get home with a woobie in his mouth, any time he enters or leaves a room, woobie in mouth. Last week I went to the backyard to do poop duty and there were 23 woobies in the yard! The living room is full of them all over, the computer room and bedroom too.

He has also shown an affection to soft rubber toys (mainly balls). We had quite a few as my oldest Jessie loves them. Unfortunately I now have a toy box put away with all the rubber toys as Zeke will bite and chew and swallow the rubber. Not what we need for this wonderful boy to have something stuck!

Zeke doesnít bark often, but when he does, he barks and his front feet lift off the floor. This is mainly when he ďwantsĒ something, like for instance a cookie, or attention, or a woobie, or a toy.

He loves to be brushed, although when I took out the stuff to clean ears he hi-tailed it down the hall (it wasnít even for him!)

Each day with him is a gift and we are trying very hard to give him all the loving, food, toys, walks, meet and greet people and other doggies and anything his heart desires. He wonít be with us long, and but we donít know if that means weeks or months. Iím trying very hard to remember that all foster doggies get a good wonderful forever home. Zekeís new forever home will be with God and all the other doggies at the bridge. This is what keeps me from crying at times, as I know each moment with him is a precious moment.

Zekeóyou are a love, a sweet boy, tail that never stops wagging, happiness should be your middle name. Iím very sorry that someone who had you before didnít realize that and cast you aside, your days from now on will be full of anything you want.

Zekeís diagnosis is squamous cell carcinoma. This is a treatable cancer if detected early. Please remember to check your dogs stem to stern -- the insides of their mouths, their feet, under the tails, every inch. They will just think you are loving on them anyway and this is a way for you to catch something early if there is anything there.


My dad gave me this very nice woobie for a gift, isn't he nice?

I love to smile, makes me and everyone happy.

My mom's friend Bonnie made a latch hook rug for her last year, who would have ever guessed that this was my calling to come "home"?

This is my most favorite of all times special woobie.  his name is WABBIT.  He loves me and I love him.

My auntie Connie took this picture of me.  I got in the pool to swim with the ducks and then saw Gilbert (my brother) talking to some doggie, so I had to find out what he was doing! hum... I don't think she listened to anyone's advice cause she picks Wabbit up about once a week and puts him in that machine that goes round and round.

did I tell you I love woobies??? This is Mr. Pink Bear
See what did I tell you...I like woobies.  This is what mom calls "Zeke's Joy".  It was my responsibility to take all toys into the backyard for safe keeping.  Then I can survey the yard and know if anyone is missing.  I'm still working on it.