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My Name is Nzumbe-Mesape Ntoko JR. I am the Office Technology Coordinator at United Nations Population Fund in Cameroon.I intend to use this site as a place to store information on my Interests

My interests:

personal and contact info

Here are information I have gathered on my interest:

Computer Science
Information and links to my research interests are placed here.Also other things I find relevant such as some of my projects etc.

Lakers Database

SOBA (SASSE OLD BOYS ASSOCIATION) 1986 Classmate database info

Videogame Console Information
The information contained here includes things such as console specifications, Faqs,Cheats,Strategy and general impressions!I am in love with videogames so don't tell me to get a life. Sony rocks and the PlayStation 2 is a killer console. Emotion Engine anyone?

General Information & My Pictures !!!
The title says it all.Here you will find a lot of nitty-gritty stuff! Don't forget look through some of my pictures. What are you waiting for go on and click the link :)

Great jokes. Both cartoon and normal jokes.
Check them out. I bet you'll end up laughing by the time you leave

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