Height:  6'5

Weight:  245 lbs.

Hometown:  Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Music:  "Canadian National Anthem"

History:  As a highly credited college wreslter, Rathje went into a match that would qualify him into the Canadian Olympic team.  It was a grueling match, which he lost.  As his opponent raised his hands in glory, Rathje rushed up behind him in a blind rage.  He gave the man a German Suplex onto a concrete floor, which in turn broke his neck...and killed him instantaneously.  Rathje served time for manslaughter, was shunned from the Canadian spotlight, and now has appeared from the darkness to rule the NMW!  Although he hates Canada, he walks to teh Canadian National Anthem, proclaiming that Canada stole it, and that it is his own personal anthem.

German Suplex (German Suplex)

Rathje Slam (Electric Chair Drop)