Height: 6'2

Weight: 215 lbs.

Hometown: London, England

Music: "Breathe" by Nickelback

Thresh grew up in the shadow of his older brothers, Zion Crest and Toran Crest.  Both of which entered the world of wrestling.  Zion eventually dropped the family name and his career took off.  Meanwhile Toran refused to change, proudly bearing the family legacy.  Thresh was always smaller than his extraordinary brothers.  In fact, much smaller.  He refused to follow them.  Both of the brothers were dedicated to success through the correct paths.  Threst didn't give a damn.  It took him many years to earn his first chance, and it ended horribly due to his own egotistical problems.  Threst refused to follow the story and stay down, so he was physically damaged until he couldn't kick out.  While in recovery, all Thresh heard from friends and family was, "Soon you'll be back up there behind your brothers"... A phrase that ate at him.  To this day Thresh cannot stand being referenced against other wrestlesr.  With his mind so bitter he became the One Man Rebellion.  Doing everything in his power to upset the traditions of other.  This led to his family disowning the young man.  With the NMW's reopening, Thresh figures he can start where his brother elft and be everything that Toran never was.

Riot Act (STO 2)

Entropy (Rios Backflip Splash)