No Mercy Template
Welcome to the new and Improved NMW (New Millenium Wrestling).  We are currently accepting contracts for wrestlers to make a new beginning.  The CAW will be in the format of No Mercy, there is a template link at the bottom of the page in which you can use for easier accessibility.

Fans, if you are not into the whole role playing thing, and you want your voice heard of what you think would be cool to happen, then leave a post on the "Voice of the Audience".  Ideas are always welcome!

This is an exclusive federation, meaning we will not accept any CAWs which belong to federations.  If need be, simply change the name of your CAW and we will then accept him.
If you have any questions email us Here
The 1st Saturday Night Revolution is up! Enjoy!

Sitewide update as well!

Roster to be updated very soon!

Every Saturday we will have our weekly show, Saturday Night Revolution.  We will have one pay per view every month, and may throw in special events to add in the caranage.

At the moment we are "sister" federations with that of UAW.  There is always the possibility of inter-promotional matches.  All decisions in matches will be based both on the simulation of the match, and on the wrestler's Roleplaying Skills.