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Specialized in Hands Free!!

3 piece Kits
Leather Case/Pouch
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Driving with Care >>Hands free

From $10 - $20
 (any model)

Available for Nokia and universal
Special Price $15

Did you know:
Drivers can be fined up to $325 and lose six demerit points in Ontario for careless driving. Courts can also suspend a driver's license for up to 30 days for a careless driving conviction. 

You will be charged with "careless driving laws".
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3 Piece Kit
- Leather Case
- Car charger
- Earbud

=====>>>> ALL 3 ITEMS
=====>>>>my Price
(Retail price: 39.99)

Available for any Fido/Rogers/Telus/Bell phones.

In Stock!

NEW Product!!


Features included:
- onboard mic, volume control, Speaker, L.E.D Call indicator
- auto-adjusting mirror clips

Universal Duplex Rearview Mirror Hands-free Car Kit. A great way to talk while keeping your hands on the wheel. Fits any phone, and works with all cellular networks to provide ultimate convenience and safety. Built in duplex speaker-phone allows for mutual conversations while minimizing static and cut offs. Includes a hands-free mirror with 64 second recording ability and high definition speaker/microphone, a 2.5mm hands-free jack, rechargeable battery, and a 3' power cable for recharging

New Pouch for all Flip phones

Special Price $13

Special Price $15

Parts are Available:
Batteries, antenna etc...


Dashboard or Car Vent Cellular Phone Holder 

Special price $10

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