Sydney, Home of the 2000 Olympics

G'day and welcome to my page. My name is Jim  and I'm from Sydney Australia. .
Well this is my second attempt on doing a home page and it looks like I haven't learnt much from the first one

I'm a volunteer for The Sydney 2000 Olympics' NOC Services as an NOC Assistant. I'll be looking after OMAN when they arrive in Sydney, and right thru the Games. Hopefully I might get a glimpse of the Games while I'm there, seeing I'll be based at the Olympic Village for 4 weeks. ( and no, there's no truth in the rumour i'll be known as the village idiot) lol

This Web Page is dedicated to all my friends from the chat rooms, you'll see all their pics in
page 2.   and  page 3  and  page4

But first a few pics of me and my family.

My family, My wife Margaret, daughters                    Young and in love??? LOL
Angela and Rachel, and my son Anthony.                    1974 B.C. ( before children )

        Me at 19  and 24  ( when i was a "chick magnet" )
Those were the days when I used to turn heads,, now I turn stomachs.
Those were also the days when my Mum used to say to me, " Jimbo, ( she knew my internet nick even then ) "Jimbo, if you're not in bed by midnight, come home".
I used to go out every saturday night and sow my wild oats, then wake up on Sunday and pray for crop failure. What I want to know is...When did my wild oats turn to prunes and All Bran?
I don't have to worry about avoiding temptation anymore, nowadays it avoids me.
To me getting lucky nowadays means finding my car in the  parking lot. I wake up with that morning-after feeling even tho I didn't do anything the night before..
These days I'm cautioned  to slow down by the doctor instead of the police.

Those were the days my friend...........

 My hobbies are chatting on the Net ( in pIRCh  ,, or in ICQ )  and following my favourite Rugby League football team
The South Sydney Rabbitohs
( some images courtesy of Wade Singleton, )thanks mate

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The NRL,, who run the game , are wrecking the game of Rugby League !! Long Live The Rabbitohs

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