Captain Craig Coburn
The 'Family'
Our Horses
I'm a 31 year old Master Mariner from Newcastle, Australia. I'm currently working in a shoreside position but have skippered everything from tugs to 300 pasenger cruise vessels. While I'm stuck here ashore I also operate a Private Investigations company as in the deep dark past I was a Police Officer. I ran away to sea to escape the stress and found the life I should always have had. In the words of Jimmy Buffett- 'yes I am a pirate, 200 years too late.' I've made up for the 'wasted' years ashore and have soaked up a hell of a lot of salt water in the process. When you see things like this sunset you realise why you enjoy your time at sea and hate to enter port and can't wait to get back out into open waters.
If it floats I'll sail it, if it's sunken I'll dive to it and if it's somewhere between I'll swim with it. My life revolves around the water, although now days I spend more time ashore as it's hard to have a 'real' life when you are at sea 300 days a year. The way I work now I'm home most days and actually have a social life which involves more than wharves and other seadogs.
I'm seperated and counting down the month till the divorce is thru! But.... I'm making a new start with a great girl who shares so much in common with me unlike the so to be ex! I'm into horses in a big way as is my babe, Shell and our new life together will revolve around them entirely!