Miss Susan Leg  
25, Durham Square

London,  SW3

Friends are cordially invited to drop in for a visit and to partake of a fork luncheon prepared by M.Rouen.  Bosanquet will greet you and make you welcome.  Sigurd will retire to his place behind the stair after he has greeted you.  He may be a large Alsatian but he is quite friendly to guests and their pets.  Feel free to roam around the house, in and out of each room.  Everything has been prepared just for you.
                        May you enjoy your visit.             
Please leave your card on the table
in the Front Hall. 
Thank you... 
E.F. Benson 2001 birthday celebration

E.F.B. Memorial Lecture Series, 2003
Fork Luncheon
Note:   More details will be added eventually.  
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