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No. 4 Guest House & Eco-Trekking
736 Indharakiri Rd., Mae Sot, Tak 63110, Thailand
phone +66(55)544976 or mobile phone 0817852095

e-fax (U.S.A.) +1(305)425-0328
(If you don't get an immediate response by email, then we're trekking!  Please wait a few days.)
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TAT License #23-1412

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Mae Sot is on the western border of Thailand with Burma. Sometimes the border is open for a day crossing, sometimes it is closed depending on the current political and military situation. In any case, the local people are always crossing the river to trade goods from teak to gems to Burmese banana leaf cigars. Dozens of ethnic groups live in this area and on any day one can easily run into 4 or 5 different exotic hats and faces. The Karen, Mao, Yao, Lahu, Buddhist and Muslim Burmese all live together in this frontier town speaking different languages, wearing different clothes, eating different foods, and dancing different dances. It's a fascinating place to walk around and learn about many cultures and peoples. A visit to one of the many refugee camps nearby helps one understand very quickly how and why the citizens of Burma are fighting for freedom from the military dictatorship.

If you visit Mae Sot, the best, and sometimes only, place to stay is the No. 4 Guesthouse. (Related to the beautiful No. 4 Guesthouse in Sukhothai.) It is as relaxing as the town. The owner, Oom, can tell you how to get to all the local waterfalls and sights. In 1992 Oom, and avid outdoorsman originally from a small village in the north, began to take guests on some of his outings. As more and more guests came to Mae Sot asking for the Umphang treks, he obtained the proper licencing from the Tourism Authority of Thailand (#23-1412), got the necessary insurance, and plotted a special course through his most favorite Umphang spots. Since then, he has also begun training other guides.  If you want to see real jungle, there is no comparison between an Umphang trek and a Chaing Mai trek.

No. 4 Guesthouse offers

Interesting places around Mae Sot

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Umphang is a small district in the northwest of Thailand close to the Burmese border where it's possible to trek in any season. It is 165 km south of Mae Sot and is reached by a scenic road which twists and turns through forests, hills and valleys. Umphang is a new and undisturbed area for trekking where the people still maintain their traditional beliefs and way of life. Its boundary connects with two national parks and three wildlife zones. This evergreen forest area is the largest and richest in Thailand, with a wealth of wildlife including monkeys, gibbons, bears, tigers and other wild cats, barking deer, giant squirrels, giant flying squirrels, monitor lizards, and about 200 species of birds including the hornbill. Because only 3% on the land is non-mountainous and suitable for agriculture, the forests are untouched. Rafting along the Mae Klong river is nothing less than spectacular with beautiful scenery, waterfalls (including Thee Lor Su, the largest in Thailand), dramatic cliff faces and deep caves.

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These 2 packages have become popular at the No. 4 Guesthouse (the 3rd has only been trekked by special request):
our idea of trekking whith trek programs since we travel in remote area visit small villages limit the size of our group and only operate trip as they booked [ not everyday throughout the year ] we cause less impact on the fragile environment and natural way of these rural peoples in our normal 4 days 3nights program which we finned is a good length of time - not too rush and too long we are only encounter local peoples & ceryainly not any others tourists. This trip will led by Mr. Oom tour guides fluent in English who also knows the local dialects.he had completes passed the guide course he has eyes of his environment understanding knowledgeable in term tribes of tribes buddhism animism and overall information good nature interpretation also you could learn from our tribal guides. Meals : our guides will prepare cook and bring himself for you while on the trek all food we bring from town by this way we are not disturb to therir food system except rice which is they have in plenty vegetarian or others particular need for you diest we are capable as norrmal the food is one of the best part of our tour our guides are good cooks also you can learn & help if you wish !! If you are nature lover reasonable fitness {just enough for the program} and want to travel in a real area lern a life of mount peoples also do something different from other tourist & get away from a juristic paths.

Program A. 4 days and 3 nights

Program B. 5days and 4nights

7 days and 6 nights

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No. 4 Guesthouse and Eco-Trekking provides:
  • Private transportation
  • Tours
  • Meals (from lunch on first day to lunch on last day)
  • Elephant riding
  • Accomodation and entrance fees.
  • Qualified licensed insured guide
  • water canteen
  • waterproofs and plastic bags
  • sleeping bags
  • tents
  • mosquito nets
  • candles
  • matches
  • toilet paper
  • drinking water (and porterage!)
  • luggage storage and safety box at No. 4 Guesthouse.
What you might bring:
  • Clothes: Short pants & T Shirts for daytime, long pants and jacket or sweatshirt for evenings.
  • bathing gear, soap, shampoo, toothbrush & paste, towel & swimware
  • hiking boots or tennis shoes (above all comfortable and broken-in!) sandals.
  • sun hat & sun protection lotion
  • mosquito repellent and flashlight. (Torches-light)
  • plenty of film & batteries (at least 3 rolls)
  • personal medication
  • reasonable fitness
  • sense of humor, spirit of adventure

    Porters are available to carry extra items. Extra porters are also available by request.

Mr. Oom has win tourist guide awards 2004 from (TAT) northern jungle tour trekking guide . the No. 4 Guesthouse, and trekking operation are insured and fully licensed (licence number #23-1412) by the Tourist Authority of Thailand (TAT) and is the only operation in the Mae Sot area admitted to the Northern Thailand Jungle Tour Club (#038).

He has been in business for over 22 years, and all of his staff and guides have over 22 years of experience in adventure trekking in northern Thailand. They are knowledgeable, multilingual, and have a love for northern Thailand.  By travelling with Oom you discover the rural life and unique culture of the tropical forests and natural environment of Northern Thailand. He is fluent in English and local dialects. He has eyes for his environment, and he has an understanding of tribes, Buddhism, Animism. You'll learn a lot!

They travel in remote areas, visit small villages, limit the size of our group and only operate trips as they are booked. They encounter only local people and not any other tourists. In this rural environment, you can learn many things from their lifestyle and way of thinking. They cause less impact on the fragile environent and the natural way of life of these rural peoples.  In the two longer treks you experience an overnight stay with a hill tribe in their traditional house and camping out in the jungle surrounded by pure beauty.

The guides prepare and cook for you. The food is brought from town (so as not to disturb the food system) except for the rice which is bought from the local hill tribe people. They can also provide for vegetarian or others with special dietary needs.   Just say so in advance. The food is one of the best parts of the tour- the guides are good cooks! You can learn from them and help if you wish!  Drinking water is provided the first day. The following day they boil and purify the water.

If you are a nature lover, are in good physical shape, want to travel in a real rural area and learn a life of mountain peoples, try trekking! Do something different from other tourists. The giant flying squirrels don't hang out around Chaing Mai!

The general idea of trekking trekking activities and business have been operating in Mae Sot northern thailand for over 22 years in last 4 years these has been major boom and is now very popura whith more than 8 trekking programs operated by many travel agents and guest houses .alots of the commercial trekking rubber boat and tourist has spoiled the village & natural way of life of the hilltribes

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I, glen, am not being compensated for creating this web page. This advertisement for the No. 4 Guesthouse and Umphang Trek are posted here simply because I am a friend and fan of Mr. Oom and his operation. I lived in Thailand for 8 months, much of it in the jungle, and the most spectacular scenery I saw was on this trek. I also spent quite a lot of time calling the No. 4 Guesthouse "home". It is peaceful and a fascinating area of the world. Always interesting people around to help, help you, or talk to. I still think about going back there to hang for a season or two and learn Thai. Oom the owner is safe, fun, informative and helpful. If you are visiting Thailand and plan on "doing a trek", this should be the one. There are over 100 places in Chang Mai, distributed on every corner, which offer "trek to non-touristic place!" If you've never seen any jungle and just want to ride an elephant, see an old woman with a long neck in a fenced-in yard, and get drunk, you can be satisfied by the Chang Mai treks. If you want a real trek which takes you to points of view that few if any have seen before, where you'll certainly bump into some hill tribe people coming from and going to places completely invisible to you, a trek which still includes the rafting and the elephant ride (though probably a rougher ride that the Chang Mai trek) then this is the one. (What's more, you still can get drunk. You'll just have to carry the bottle yourself, and cut a cup from bamboo.) And if you go, please tell them you found out about them on the Internet from glen! Feel free to ask me more.