Celebrate John

This site is to celebrate the life of
my son,

John Erik Moss 

I took this picture of him on his
25th birthday, February 6th, 1999 
nine days later,
on February 15th, 1999,
John was killed. 

     I don't think we'll ever really know the exact circumstances of what happened on Monday morning, February 15th, 1999.  John was an electrical apprentice and he and a crew were working on temporary stoplights.  He was guiding a boom on the truck and somehow the parked truck tipped over - apparently John was hit by the falling boom.  This caused, among other injuries, his aorta to tear away.  I believe that as John was running to get away from the boom, he ran right into the arms of Jesus.  CPR was performed almost immediately and was still continuing when he arrived at the hospital.  There they attempted open heart  massage.  Everyone did their best to save John's life - but God had a different plan. 

   John was an exceptional guy.   He was a joy to be around.  He had a smile that would light up the room and he was always smiling.  It was once said he had an "infectious smile."   He loved to make others smile and laugh and he always had a story to tell.  He had a million and one questions and never hesitated to ask them. 

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