from space there are no borders

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mission statement

the mission of the 1999-2000 physics class at the international school of karachi is to maintain a unique website devoted to presenting accurate and up to date satellite images (received from the NOAA-14 and 15 satellites) of diverse south asian landscapes.


image archive

the image archive contains original versions of all the images we receive through the satellites everyday.



here you can find detailed information on how we receive and process our satellite images from the NOAA-14 and 15 satellites.


tracking the hindu kush mountains

this section contains edited images of the hindu kush mountain range which extends into and beyond the north of pakistan.  changes in weather and cloud cover are detailed.


its been fun

to all those people who loved, cherished, or even just visited the site, thanks… its been good.  time’s run out on this project… everyone who worked on it is away in college, and mr reeves no longer has a tech depot on ISK ground.  anyway… till sometime in the future…







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- image archive
- groundstation
tracking the hindu kush mountains

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- exploring space with hubble

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- student coordinator

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