Welcome to this site... i am Allnighun.. and this is my Rules i have made for the running of instances...
First, a brief history of me...
I am a Night Elf hunter, i did the free xfer from Hellscream when i was lvl 7, or somthin like that, THIS IS NOT MY FIRST TOON.. it was a undead warlock, got him to lvl 4, and then join alliance with my RL(real life) friends, altho, we dont play on the same server anymore... they all went pvp... lost my train of though... my name comes from the first 3 letters faction, race, and class...
ALLiance NIGht elf HUNter(just incase you were wondering...)
The rules are as follow:
1. DONT SEND WHISPERS TO ME ASKING TO RUN YOU THRU AN INSTANCE(if you do, you will be on my ignore list.(this is your ONLY warning)).
2. If the group is full, you must wait for either a spot to open, or for the next run.
3. You can only get up to 3(three) runs a day(unless group is not full)
DONT attack anything until you see my fire trap go off(this one is important, not for me, cause ill just                    LAUGH MY FUCKING ASS OFF cause you WILL aggro EVERYTHING that i have on me.)
5. I reserve the right to change the schedule(i dunno how to spell big words) at any time.
6. The loot setting will be set on master loot(this is to avoid ninjas)
7. If in SM(scarlet monestary) and the tabard drops, I GET IT(cause ive been in there billion times tryin to                  get it.. but after i get it and if it drops again IDC who gets it yall can roll for it or whatever)
8. STAY THE FUCK BACK until i say its clear(if you aggro anything, i might just sit there and watch you                   die... yes, i AM an asshole sometimes, DEAL WITH IT)
10. cant think of anything else yet...