Underground Bases and Tunnels: What Is the Government Trying to Hide?
by Richard Sauder

Underground Bases and Tunnels: What Is the Government Trying to Hide? Prosaic ammunition for alien invasion & conspiracy theorists

Several reviewers have complained that this book isn't interesting enough or that it is deceptive in its marketing. In fact, Dr. Sauder's goal here is to demonstrate a few very prosaic facts: that the technology necessary to build underground bases and tunnels is currently available; that the entrances to such tunnels are very simple to disguise, so that they are nearly invisible to anyone who stumbles across them; that the United States government makes use of this technology regularly for various purposes. These tunnels and bases are in some cases very deep beneath the surface of the earth, are quite sophisticated and comfortable, and can accommodate large numbers of people.

Sauder's purpose in presenting this information is clear: he holds that "the aims and ideals of representative democracy are poorly served by secrecy in government...dictatorships are born when power is usurped by the military." Sauder hopes that the information provided will help "peel away the cover of excessive secrecy that shields too much of what the Pentagon does from public scrutiny."

His goals are the same as many of those people who advance the theory that our government is riddled with individuals who have been turned against the human race by alien invaders; the narrative is the same, though the stakes may be greater in the second case than the first. Nonetheless, those who find this book less than entertaining should remember that it is not a science fiction story or a horror tale, and it is not meant to entertain. If it frightens you, it should frighten you into action.

Keeping that in mind, Sauder provides ammunition for those who believe that the government cannot be trusted, whether it is because the military may be planning a coup or because aliens are living beneath our feet in tunnels carved out of the earth by their technology or by our own government. If this material seems boring or irrelevant, it is wise to remember that Al Capone was given a life sentence not for the murders he ordered or his bootlegging, but for tax evasion. The first step in catching shadow governments and alien invaders is to prove that they have hiding places, and to find out where those hiding places are.

This book describes several underground facilities; demonstrates how they provide power for their operations; how to hide such facilities; and how they are built: in short, the feasibility and existence of underground bases of this type. The illustrations help convince the reader: they include a map showing how to get to a clear view of one such facility in the Antelope Valley of Southern California; photographs of tunnel boring machines available for sale, some of which can create circular tunnels 35 feet in diameter, and tunnels of the sort described in this book.

Those who want to categorize the author as one of Richard S. Shaver's philosophical kin need only refer to these documents to be reminded that these tunnels, unlike those inhabited by the Deros, have already been proven to exist. One needn't be paranoid to believe the information in this book, merely concerned about one's rights as a citizen. Dr. Sauder is to be commended for his research and his bravery.

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