There are many things you can do to fight against the recall and get our message out to every Californian!

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Call the California Democratic Party with comments or questions about their anti-recall effort.

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Visit often for updates and tell your friends about this site. Try to participate in the anti-recall activities to help stop Governor Davis from being recalled.

Contact your California State Representatives and let them know how you feel about the recall. They will listen!

...and most importantly, vote to keep Governor Davis in office on October 7th!
October 7, 2003

The recall election is near. Do NOT forget to vote on October 7! Your vote is very important. 
Lets keep Gray Davis office!
Vote No on the Recall!

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Citizens Against the Recall is a non-profit site created by Californians to help spread the word about the ridiculousness of the Gray Davis recall and to get more people involved in the anti-recall effort.

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Dear Friends,

Thank you for visiting our site. The clock is already ticking down to Governor Davisís recall election. It is important for the citizens of California to be united behind the governor and fight for what is just.

Unfortunately, the recall has been certified and over 53 million dollars of YOUR tax money will be going toward an election that was held just 10 months ago. The millions of dollars should have been spent protecting our teachers from layoffs, continuing health care services and public safety in our local communities.

What a waste.

Remember, being against the recall does not necessarily mean that you approve or agree with Gray Davis, it means you put Californiaís real problems first. Our elected leaders, Democrats and Republicans alike, should have been working together to address the budget shortfall and protecting our vital programs instead of focusing on the recall.

The recall is a waste of time, money and energy. But again, our elected leaders continue to seek more power instead of focusing on the betterment of the state.

Citizens, when you go to vote on October 7th, please vote to keep Gray Davis in office and show our political leaders that when they seek more power and ignore REAL problems the average Californian faces, they will not succeed.


Citizens Against the Recall
Last Updated 12/14/03
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