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  "You gave me the answer - now I got the answer - oh, yes! Well, we're the Queens of Noise - come and get it, boys! - Queens of Noise - not just one of your toys..." RUNAWAYS, 1977



Hi - I would be Tim (well, I would be whether I WANTED to or not)and my e-mail would be this.

If you wanted to see what I look like, I'm the guy in the leather vest, the brown t-shirt and the Bear beads next to the tall handsome fellow in the black shirt and leather pants. On which point - here's some added sappiness.

The obligatory 'what a CUTE couple!' (which in one case resulted in some lustful fellow saying he wished he could put HIS hand on Arne's chest - I suppose he could, if he didn't mind losing the appendage afterwards - only seems a fair trade-off to covetous ol' me... :) ) picture was taken at Toronto Pride in 2000 by the lovely and talented BungeeSkunk, a friend of mine and Arne's (big woofs to the huggable SkunkBear with the digital camera for, as it were, stooping to use my cheap disposable snapshot device).

This, by the way, would be said BungeeSkunk :).

While I'm at it, here's ANOTHER picture of Arne and me, from San Francisco in September, 1999.

Here's a solo shot of Arne in some hot leather pants (not to worry - it was summer, so, safety-conscious that I am, I got him out of them soon).

And, finally, here's me committing unnatural acts with an observation telescope near Golden Gate Bridge.

Oh - did I mention I'm a Rock Star now (please don't Kill me)? I, and 13 other superstars, am on a tape called BITCH NATION TOP SECRET CASSETTE SWAPPING CLUB, available for $6 CAN/US from here. My song is called 'Maureen Tucker', and is about the legendary Velvet Underground percussionist. That song is also on my debut tape, SUPERTIM, which is the same price from the identical address linked above.

Noise Queen, my 'zine from March 1996 to March 2001 (yes, I called it a day and moved on to PONYBOYS) WAS on-line from the summer of 1996 to the summer of 1997, when, due to my computer collaborator moving away, I went back to the paper edition - until January, 1999, when I got off my arse and went back on-line.

But, while I'm on the subject of 'zines and how to get them, here's info on my back issues of NOISE QUEEN and other publications(updated on April 13, 2008) and how you might get hold of them (cost-recovery, in the absence of a trade, would be preferable).

I would, of course, be horribly remiss if I were not to thank Scott Puckett for his kind suggestions as to how I could improve/streamline this site, some of which I even mutated and followed to the best of my ability/inclination. :)

His own site is a thing of beauty to behold.



Here are some vile pieces of pornography I ordered my Arne to produce for paper editions of my 'zine.

And, since I am a cruel Master, here are still more examples that I forced him to produce before I would unchain him from the drafting desk. :)

And, now, without further ado (by the time someone says this, they have generally generated far too much ado to say that...but still), on to the 'zine...


SPRING 2001 ISSUE (#25)

WINTER 2000/01 ISSUE (#24)

FALL 2000 ISSUE (#23)

SUMMER 2000 ISSUE (#22)

  SPRING 2000 ISSUE (#21)

WINTER 1999/1900 ISSUE (#20.5)

  FALL 1999 ISSUE (#20)

  SUMMER 1999 ISSUE (#19)

  SPRING 1999 ISSUE (#18)

  WINTER 1998/99 ISSUE (#17)

BEST OF 1998(#13-16)

BEST OF 1997 (#5-12)

BEST OF 1996 (#2-4)



I COULD SEE THE SITES FROM THE LOFTY HEIGHTS, BUT MY HEART OBSCURED THE VIEW (oh, please forgive me, Patti Smith!!)(And you, if you wish, may forgive and/or inform me for/of any links that don't work, so that I might accuse you of having even less of a life than I do :) )






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