To install Nojoks Tourney Bracket, download or install it from here if you have not done so already. For normal installations, click on the Next button until it is installed. 

Things you may wish to do during the installation is to read the readme file that is in the second step (after the initial Welcome) to found out what the most recent changes are to the software.

Once the installation is complete, two icons will have been created, one on your desktop and the other in your Start/Programs menu. Starting it up for the first time will require you to register the software.


Even though this is free software, registration is required to control distribution of the software to authorised hosts. Once your software is registered, it will not require registration again unless you reformat your computer. Also, installing on more than one computer will require registration for each of those computers.

To perform the registration when you start the bracket for the first time, it will ask if you would like to apply for a registration number. Click on the Yes button to proceed.

Next, enter your host name, without a + if you have one, and click on OK.

Next, a message will appear that you can copy/paste into an e-mail program of your choice or e-mail directly from the bracket itself. It is most important you do not alter the first four lines of the message, otherwise your registration request may be rejected. You can add information to the end of the message if you desire to do so, such as which game and room you host it. Make sure you send the e-mail to for your registration request to be processed.

Please note that all the information is used only for verification purposes and is not used or distributed in any form, your privacy will be maintained. If you have any concerns about the information being sent or other issues with the registration, please don't hesitate to e-mail us at the previously mentioned e-mail address.

A registration request typically takes less than a day to process, but as these are processed by hand, it may take longer, please be patient if a response is not heard within two days. Sometimes, you will be asked to confirm your host status: what game(s) you host, where you host and who is your director. This will not happen if your director informs us first that you will be performing a registration request.

Sometimes, interns will be initially rejected under request from the trainers or directors. If you fall into this category, you will eventually receive a request once your trainer has authorised that you may obtain a registration number. The reason for this is some rooms prefer the interns to get up to speed with paper tournaments before using computer based tools to assist with managing a tournament. Occasionally, something can go wrong and the host has to resort back to paper to finish the tournament. Of course, the initial e-mail request must be performed before you can get a number.

Once you receive your registration number, you can start the bracket and when asked if you have a number, click on the Yes button. Enter the number in the space provided, and you should be in action.

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