Editing and Sending Points

Once a tournament has been completed, the points are tallied up for the players and sent to the directors of your room to be inserted into the room's ladder. Of course, Nojoks Tourney Bracket makes this step very easy!

But, before this step can be taken, the format must be set up correctly for the points. To learn how to set up the points, click here.

Normally, Show players' points at end of tournament is tick when you start the tournament, the moment the winner is ticked, the points appear ready to be e-mailed off. If this does not happen (ie. the box was not ticked) you can select Edit and Send Points from the File menu. This can also be used to recall a tournament at a later time and edit/send the points.

If you held a double-elimination tournament, and the winner of the winner's bracket won, you may be asked if the winner of the loser's bracket won a match in the final. Click on the appropriate button if you are asked this question.

You may wish to check that the points add up correctly, especially if this is the first time you have generated points for a format you created.

If you would like to edit the text in the box, you may, but you should be careful that you do not corrupt anything that may be used to add up the points by the directors.

When you are satisfied with the text, you may send it off by one of two ways:

  • The easiest is to click on the E-mail button (AOL, Hotmail and other web-based email users cannot use this feature) and an almost blank e-mail message will appear with an attachment already set for the points file. Enter any text you want in the message body and select the person to send the e-mail do and click on the Send button. Once the e-mail has been sent, click on the Close button.

  • If you use web-based e-mail (like AOL, Hotmail, Yahoo, etc), create a new message in your e-mail facility. Click on the Copy button at the bottom of the box and paste the text into the e-mails body (press Ctrl+V). Enter a subject and who to send it to and click on Send.

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