Of course, you can never get the ideal number of players to play the tournament most times. So usually in at least one round, you will have an odd number of players. In this situation, a bye has to be given to a player in the round, so they may proceed to the next round.

Byes can only be assigned once a tournament has been closed, and as was said in the previous part, round that contain a "bye table" have a little * next to the round number. The bye tables are always the last table in the round, and are always calculated automatically when the tournament is closed and when a player is removed.

A bye table is indicated by a table where the second player is greyed out, as shown in the image to the right.

When you click on the winner for the last player in a round and the next round contains a bye, a message will pop-up indicating that the player was assigned to the bye table in the next round. It will also not post the assignment in the lobby as the player is about to go to a new table anyway! This effectively reduces player confusion.

Immediately, you should go to the next round and check the "win" for the bye to assign the player into the next round to start playing immediately. In the lobby, a "Bye" message is posted, followed by the applicable "Next assign" message.

Can I assign any player to the bye in the next round?

Yes, you can. Click on the name or winner check with the right mouse button and select Reassign player to different table in the menu that appears.

Another box will appear allowing you to either move the selected player in the current round, or to assign the win and select the table to sit at in the next round. You will want to leave the default option, to assign the win, selected. Select the table number from the list at the bottom of the box. It will be the last table in the list, and if it is definitely a bye table, a * will be next to the number. If a table with a * isn't there, then either the round isn't a bye round or the table as already been assigned.

Click on OK to assign the player the bye. A message will appear asking if you want to post the assign for the next round even though it is a bye. Usually, you click on the No button and then click on the win for the player you just assigned to the bye table.

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