Some how you tripped over this site and landed face-first in it.  Basically, it's about whatever I decide I want to put up on it.  For now, essentially nothing... and it'll probably stay that way.  Good luck finding your way out, I never did!  And sorry about that ad banner on the right, but Geocities put's them on all their free web space sites.
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Dont poke me
So,  I guess I should write a bit 'bout myself.  Vital stat's and stuff, right?  Ok, here goes.  My name is Eric, and I live in Ontario, Canada.  I'm 22, about 5' 11" and 175 last time I checked.  And red hair, everyone noticed the hair.  My long time girlfriend is Sarah.  You'll see her in a few pictures around here.  

  My reason for living is my new toy; a
Suzuki SV650s.  There's probably more pictures of it than anything else.  I bought it dropped from, of all people, a used truck dealer.  Story goes the rider dropped in in a low speed left sweeper, and the bike bounced onto the right hand side.  More about that on my SVS page.
My ugly-arse, 09/01, camping in North Bay.  400km each way on my motorbike equals one wicked ride.
This is Sarah.  She's hot.  This is an old pic, but she likes it.  So do I.  So do you. She's got blonde highlights now..excellent
Civic Eater
This is my ride, a '99 Suzuki SV650S.  It took me about a month and roughly $1100 to get it back to road-worthy ($500 radiator!).  I've got pre-repair pictures here, for anyone interested in what I started with.  I rode it for the summer, racked up 6000 kms & haven't dropped it yet.  We've all yearned for more HP, but this will do just fine... Here's my cage.  A '96 Dodge Neon.  I managed to find a sport model at least, came with a dual cam motor & 5 speed.  I managed to blow up the tranny street-racing.  I lost. (10/10/02 - broke a drive axle street-racing.  I lost) I've taken down most of the neon related info on this page cuz I've lost interest in hopping it up.  Now I've got faster things to play with.
SVRider.COM    Another SV information source, this time an internet magazine.  Lots of tips & tricks
SV650.ORG   U.K. Based SV information source, message forum & pictures.  Good site!
NEONS.ORG    Premier neon information source, super fast message forums & smart people
MODERNPERFORMANCE    Performance Neon parts galore!! 
This space is for rent.
HA!  Just kidding...
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