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The above picture "The Nomad" painted by Lisa Redington. The Nomad was built in the early 1950ís by Bob Matheson and his brother. It was built specially for the Turnagain Arm because of the rough waters. Bob and his brother used it for several years before selling it to Joe and Violet Redington Sr. Joe needed a fishing boat and the Nomad originally came with a cabin, so Joe remodeled it by tearing off the cabin which contained cots and a galley, and built a hold for fish. Joe and Violet used it for commercial fishing and hauling supplies from Anchorage to their homestead at Flathorn Lake. They would anchor it on the Knik Flats because it was a convenient place to anchor while they were in Knik. In 1967 they brought it to the pond at high tide and dry docked it and it has set there ever since. It has become a popular landmark for Knik, not to mention one of the most photographed places in South Central Alaska. I have adopted the name "Nomad" for the studio because of the family history involved and the scenic beauty created by the boats final resting place. I now have 200 limited edition prints available of "The Nomad", "The Winter Nomad", "Sill on the Trail" and the "Untitled". To view them just click on the "Lisa Redington" link to the right, then click on "Lisa's Originals". If you are interested in purchasing any of these prints or have any questions, feel free to contact me by e-mail or phone. Thank you. 907-373-2921 907-715-8921
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What's New: I have Illustrated a cook book for Suzette Lord-Welborn. She is a chef who lives in the Valley. She taught at Allen & Peterson's for years, she was a food critic and has worked with food at numerous other places. The recipes in her book are delicious (I have sampled a few of them). She will be publishing other cook books in the future. Her book is out now in most Alaska book stores for $16.95. I am starting to illustrate another book. It is a childrens book called "Kitty Tails and Cat Yarns" by Jana Stockton, who resides in Denver Colorado. On the side I have also wrote my own children's book, which I will be illustrating myself; of course. I can't say when it will be out, but I will let you know when it is. As for now I am selling my art prints of "The Nomad", "Winter Nomad", "Still on the Trail" and "Untitled" (wolf print). I also have plaques, clocks and gold pans for sale, and I occasionally do some custom work. To email me, just click on the link "Contact Us" above. Thanks!

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