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"Follow in my wake, you've not that much at stake, for we have plowed the seas and smoothed the troubled waters...come along, let's have some fun, the hard work has been done, we'll barrel-roll into the sun just for starters..." --Jimmy Buffett

Because I don't want to be sued.  By anyone, for any reason.  And because I don't want my e-mail riddled by people with nothing better to do than bitch about stuff I write.  So here goes...

I have a filthy mouth. And when I write, I have filthy fingers, too.  My life has not been an "after school special." Not by any means.  If I am related to you, you may find something I write offensive.    If you are a friend/coworker/acquaintance of mine, you may find something I write offensive.  If you are a human being, you may find something I write offensive.

That said, do what you feel you must...

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