"Hello My Big Big Honey!"

Love Letters to Bangkok Bar Girls and Their Revealing Interviews


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Columbia University's Graduate School of Journalism Library, in New York City, has placed the earlier 172-page Thailand edition of "Hello My Big Big Honey!" in their permanent collection. It can be requested by author, title, subject, or by Call Number: HQ 810.3.H455 1993g.

This earlier edition is also in Columbia University's Lehman Social Science Library at the same Call Number.

The newer, expanded American edition was selected for Columbia University's Graduate School of Journalism *Book Fair 2002*.

The University of California Berkeley keeps "Hello My Big Big Honey!" in its Doe (Main) Library which says:

"The Library at the University of California Berkeley contains some of the finest research collections in the United States...although Library materials are accessible to everyone, priority is given to UC students, faculty and staff...The Doe Library houses most of the humanities and social sciences collections."

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This book is also available in the University of California Berkeley's South/Southeast Asia Library.

"The South/Southeast Asia Library Service (S/SEALS) is the Berkeley campus library reference center for South and Southeast Asian social sciences and humanities."

The British Library's Asia, Pacific and Africa Collections, in London, England, has acquired "Hello My Big Big Honey!" for consultation by scholars, academic researchers and others at Shelfmark YD.2004.a.1805.

A "masterwork" of "feminist research"

"hello my big big honey!" enshrined in perpetuity

("If it is possible, an open book must be placed on one of the lecterns provided, using the special weights available from the enquiry or requisition desk placed against it.")

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Further Information:

The British Library
Oriental and India Office Collections
197 Blackfriars Road
London SE1 8NG
United Kingdom

Tel. +44 171 412 7873
Fax: +44 171 412 7641
Email: oioc-enquiries *at* bl.uk

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2008 Update: Translations in German and Italian have just been published, titled:


Liebesbriefe an Bangkok's Barmaedchen und ihre Aussagestarken Interviews

"HELLO MY BIG BIG HONEY!" ist cine his dahin nie erzahltc Darstellung der Liebesleben von Bangkoker BarmŠdchen und den AuslŠndern, von denen die MŠdchen gemietet werden -- und sich dazu in ihren eigenen Worten hekennen.

Eine Sammlung von Liebesleben aus derganzen Welt, an die Ladies of the Night, die in den Bars von Bangkok's berŸhmter Patpong-Stra§e arheiten. Dazu enthŸllende, in die Tiefe gehende Interviews mit den Frauen, die die Briefe empfangen.

Warum sind einige Manner so von Thai-Prostituierten besessen? Kann Geld wahre Liehe kaufen? Wie kann inmitten der rauhen Welt der Stra§e eine Romance blŸhen?

Heiraten BarmŠdchen ihre Kunden?

"HELLO MY BIG BIG HONEY!" forscht jenseits der Neonlichter nach, jenseits des Glanzes, cles Werberummels und der Tragšdien von Bangkok's rot erleuchteten NŠchten und entdeckt eine Welt der Einsam-keit, der Verzweiflung unclŃmanchmalŃder Liehe.

"Buongiorno Mio Grande Grande Amore!"

"...un ritratto intimo..."

"BUONGIORNO MIO GRANDE GRANDE AMORE!" presenta una ras-segna, mai vista prima, della vita sentimentale delle bar-girls di Bangkok e degli stranieri che le "noleggiano" -- raccontata dalle loro stesse parole.

Una raccolta di lettere d'amore provenienti da tutto il mondo, scritte alle signore della notte che lavorano nei bar della famosa Patpong Road di Bangkok. Inoltre, le interviste con le donne che le hanno ricevute, ne sono ancora piu profondamente rivelatrici.

Perche alcuni uomini sono ossessionati dalle prostitute Thailan-desi? Puo forse il denaro comperare il vero amore? Come puo fiorire un idillio in mezzo a quelle aspre strade?

Le bar-girls si sposano con i loro clienti?

"BUONGIORNO MIO GRANDE GRANDE AMORE!" scava al di la delle luci al neon, del luccichio, della eccitazione e della tragedia dei night a luci rosse di Bangkok e mette in luce un mondo di solitudine, disperazione e -- qualche volta -- di amore.

"Hello My Big Big Honey!" is also available in the personal libraries of:

Robert Crumb, *underground* cartoonist

Matt Dillon, actor

DMX, rap star

Dennis Miller, comedian

Carmen Elecktra, actress and model

Eva Mendez, actress

Michael Bolton, singer

Chou Yun Fat, actor

Steven Seagal, actor

Mandy Moore, singer and actress

Tracy Quan, author of Diary of a Manhattan Call Girl

Terry Zwigoff, film director

Joe Bob Briggs, television personality

Warren Hinckle, Ramparts magazine's former editor

Jack Hirschman, "one of the few remaining Beat poets you can still find in North Beach's Cafe Trieste making his usual rounds meeting his bohemian neighbors"

Jack Boulware, author of "Sex American Style: An Illustrated Romp Through the Golden Age of Heterosexuality" and "San Francisco Bizarro"

George Meyer, writer on "The Simpsons"

Sienna Guillory, actress in "Resident Evil: Apocalypse"

Nancy Reiko Kato, San Francisco's national organizer for Radical Women, a Trotskyist Feminist group

Tony Poe, legendary American x-CIA paramilitary guerrilla leader in Laos, Tibet and Indonesia (alas, Tony passed away in July 2003 in San Francisco)

At the Tate Modern Gallery in London, "Hello My Big Big Honey!" appeared in an installation called, "Untitled (2006)" by conceptual artist Ms. Simryn Gill.

According to the Tate Modern:

"Simryn Gill's 'Untitled (2006)' is made from over 100 books and pamphlets arranged into a specific order by the artist and displayed so that viewers can leaf through them.

"Alongside pocket guides, manuals and directories (which classify items as varied as venomous snakes, islands, combat vehicles and invasive plants), there are books on popular psychology, botany, religion and politics, as well as volumes of poetry and fiction.

"From this wide-ranging selection of books, the artist has chosen over 80 words, all of which have been systematically torn out of each book.

"Gathered into groups, the culled words are presented as specimens or collections in transparent packages, with the publications from which they have been taken."

"Working with a myriad of materials, including books, plant materials, photographs and other found objects, she encourages the viewer to reject a rigid classification of their surroundings in favour of arrangements which offer uncertainty, disturbance and new possibilities.

"For the Level 2 Gallery, Gill has created a thought-provoking installation from a collection of books assembled over many years.

"Ranging from pulp fiction to academic writings, these publications provide the raw material which Gill then uses to tease out a supposedly 'neutral' set of words."

For a full list of the 123 books chosen for the Tate Modern exhibit (March 18 - May 7, 2006) -- which includes books by or about Bob Dylan, Hunter S. Thompson, Salman Rushdie, Sylvia Plath, Richard Brautigan, George Bernard Shaw and R. D. Laing, in addition to "Hello My Big Big Honey!" -- plus more information about the installation and artist, click *here*

read all about it!

Tate Modern Odd: A Woman Obsessively Cuts Words From "Hello My Big Big Honey!"
(This article is from *The Correspondent* magazine, published by the Foreign Correspondents' Club of Hong Kong)

angels in bikinis?

Angels in Bikinis: Collecting the love letters and conducting the interviews
(This article is from *Dateline* magazine, published by the Foreign Correspondents' Club of Thailand)

readers' comments / responses to the book

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TIME magazine hailed this book for its investigative journalism, interviews, and "intimate portrait" of the sex industry in Thailand.

"Does love conquer poverty, cultural barriers and the fear of AIDS? Sometimes..."

A "masterwork" of "feminist research"

--The British Library's Oriental and India Office Collections

"Hello My Big Big Honey!"...very funny...

-- Publishers Weekly

The Far Eastern Economic Review wrote:

"The letters invite you into a Freudian whirlpool of sexual fantasies and frustration, of damaged egos and haunting super-egos, of dreams of pure love and acts of cold calculation, and a milieu of cross-cultural mayhem."

The *Lonely Planet* Guide to Thailand July 2001 edition

and the *Lonely Planet* Guide to Bangkok August 2001 edition

both recommend this book in their *Culture and Society* section.

Lonely Planet's Joe Cummings -- winner of the "2002 Best Travel Writing, Peace Corps Writers' Awards" -- wrote:

"Hello My Big Big Honey!" Love Letters to Bangkok Bar Girls and Their Revealing Interviews -- published in French as 'Bonjour ma Grande Grande Cherie!' -- by Richard Ehrlich and Dave Walker, delivers exactly what the title describes. This collection of letters between Thai bar workers and their farang (foreigners of European descent) clients and the verbatim question-and-answer interviews with the women, discloses more about the complex nature of these encounters than 10 academic treatises of similar size."

"Hello My Big Big Honey!" is also one of only three books recommended by the *Lonely Planet* Bangkok: Condensed Guide

The Condensed Guide's September 2002 edition, written by Rebecca Turner, says in its "Bangkok in Print" section that this book is among the "better reads" and is "intriguing..." Click *here* to read the complete book reviews about "Hello My Big Big Honey!" Love Letters to Bangkok Bar Girls and Their Revealing Interviews, by:

TIME Magazine

Bangkok Post

The Nation

Metro Magazine

Far Eastern Economic Review

London's News of the World Sunday Magazine

Ice Magazine, England

South China Morning Post

Edmonton Sun

Budapest Week

Lonely Planet

Joe Bob Briggs

Penthouse (in Dutch language)

Shout magazine

Netsurfer Digest


The Fab and Funky Guide to Phuket

Charged: Extreme Leisure


"Hello My Big Big Honey!" Love Letters to Bangkok Bar Girls and Their Revealing Interviews was published in San Francisco in September 2000, in a 252-page edition illustrated with 25 color photographs.

This American edition -- ISBN 0867194731 -- can be ordered through any local bookshop or Internet bookseller, including Amazon.com (click *here* to order from amazon now), for delivery worldwide (or scroll down for other websites and bookshops where "Hello My Big Big Honey!" is available)

Earlier, a 172-page edition -- ISBN 9748876195 -- with fewer interviews and no photos was published in Bangkok and is currently in its 12th printing on sale at most bookshops throughout Thailand.

A French-language translation -- ISBN 9748434478 -- of the 172-page edition, titled: "Bonjour ma Grande Grande Cherie!" Lettres d'Amour aux Filles des Bars de Bangkok et Interviews Revelatrices, was published in Bangkok in 1998 and is also on sale at most bookshops throughout Thailand and the French-language book websites listed below.

Translated into French by Bangkok-based Le Figaro correspondent Florence Compain and France's RTL radio correspondent Cyril Payen, this book is also available titled:

"Bonjour ma Grande Grande Cherie!" Lettres d'Amour aux Filles des Bars de Bangkok et Interviews Revelatrices available in bookshops throughout Thailand and former French Indochina and worldwide via Amazon.com and other websites.

Gavroche magazine reviews the French edition

"entirely free of the greasy imprint of voyeurism"

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Ron Turner
Last Gasp of San Francisco
777 Florida Street
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email: gasp *at* lastgasp.com
telephone: (415) 824-6636
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interview the authors by email:

Richard S. Ehrlich
co-author/foreign correspondent
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Dave Walker
email: asiafixer *at* yahoo *dot* com

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Back From The Front: Interview with Richard Ehrlich
european press network

Xpat Files: Breathless in Bangkok
richard s. ehrlich's true confessions in travelocity magazine

Interviewing the Interviewer
richard s. ehrlich interrogated by scott murray

Eggheads, Highbrows and Intellectuals?

Read (THIS LINK IS CURRENTLY UNDERCONSTRUCTION. SOON TO BE FIXED) how ethnographic researchers, university students, sociologists and others have referred to "Hello My Big Big Honey!" in their reference in academic texts and university thesis papers (in english and spanish).

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San Francisco book tour

When the book was published in the United States, the authors travelled to San Francisco where we gave readings, stocked book shops, and signed copies of "Hello My Big Big Honey!"

To read all about the authors' San Francisco Bay book tour click "Hello My Big Big Book Tour" *here*

(this article is from the Foreign Correspondents Club of Thailand's *Dateline* magazine)

Book signings and other events included:

KPFA-FM Pacifica Radio KPFA-FM Pacifica Radio KPFA-FM Pacifica Radio

April 29, 2001 a live reading of "Hello My Big Big Honey!" excerpts by the staff of KPFA-FM, Pacifica Radio, on their *Cover to Cover* literary review show, broadcasting from Berkeley, California

"Yes, we did read from the book and 'push' it on Sunday, April 29, in a book arts program that highlights -- via reading excerpts -- new publications of note...as we were doing a live reading and touting the work..."

-- The Drama and Literature Department

North Beach North Beach North Beach North Beach North Beach North Beach

April 24, 2001 at Gino and Carlo's Cocktail Lounge, Green Street, North Beach, San Francisco (book signing)

Saint James Infirmary Saint James Infirmary Saint James Infirmary

April 23, 2001 at the Minna Art Gallery, 111 Minna Street, San Francisco (a benefit book signing by both co-authors of "Hello My Big Big Honey!") All profits from this "Hello My Big Big Honey!" benefit were donated to the Saint James Infirmary, "an occupational health and safety clinic" for sex workers in San Francisco.

"Free, confidential peer-managed health care and social services for all sex workers" and "legal assistance in the areas of criminal, civil, labor and employment law."

Saint James Infirmary's Board of Directors includes Margo St. James, Patsy Chan, Gail Pheterson, Gloria Lockett, Linda Corso, Dawn Passar and Annie Sprinkle

Saint James Infirmary was founded by COYOTE (Call Off Your Old Tired Ethics) and is a joint project between Exotic Dancers Alliance, COYOTE and the City and County of San Francisco Department of Public Health, STD Prevention and Control Services

Saint James Infirmary is also supported by: CAL-PEP, Institute for Community Health Outreach, La Casa de las Madres, North American Task Force on Prostitution, PROMISE/Milestones, Riley Center, San Francisco District Attorney's Office Victim Services, San Francisco Food Bank, San Francisco Pre-Trial Diversion Project and Tenderloin AIDS Resource Center

If you would like to donate funds to a worthy cause, please contact the Saint James Infirmary's administrative office: 1360 Mission Street, Suite 401, San Francisco, California 94103. phone (415) 554-8494, fax (415) 554-9636

Saint James Infirmary clinic is at 356 Seventh Street (between Folsom and Harison) San Francisco. phone (415) 487-5500


WonderCon 2001 WonderCon 2001 WonderCon 2001 WonderCon 2001 WonderCon 2001

April 21 and April 22, 2001 at the 15th annual WonderCon, Oakland, California (a "Hello My Big Big Honey!" table signing by both co-authors)

WonderCon 2001
The Oakland Convention Center
550 10th Street


Modern Times Modern Times Modern Times Modern Times Modern Times

April 20, 2001 at Modern Times Bookstore, San Francisco, California (book signing by both co-authors of "Hello My Big Big Honey!")

Modern Times Bookstore
888 Valencia Street
Mission District
San Francisco, California
telephone (415) 282-9246

"A cheerful staff and the best computer section of any independent in the city suck you into this airy, open reading room.

"Heavy on erotica and pop culture, the store also carries plenty of poetry, travel and art.

"A promising children's section is filled with books and toys from different cultures.

"The full-service neighborhood bookstore for San Francisco's vibrant Mission District.

"We offer a rich selection of international fiction, an outstanding collection of contemporary literary and cultural theory, and wide-ranging, provocative analyses of global economics, new technologies, contemporary politics and media. We sell Spanish language books and feature one of the Bay Area's most extensive collections of literature on Latino history and culture. We also maintain informed, eclectic sections on sexuality and gender. And did we mention our children's books?"


City Lights City Lights City Lights City Lights City Lights City Lights City Lights

City Lights says it stocks "Hello My Big Big Honey!" Love Letters to Bangkok Bar Girls and Their Revealing Interviews "prominently featured in what we call our 'EVIDENCE' section."

"Famed San Francisco bookstore is an intellectual Mecca and reader's pilgrimage, with the best that's published in a wide range of subject areas."

City Lights Booksellers
261 Columbus Avenue
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"A cultural revolt, with barricades that extend far beyond any ideological ballot boxes and with skirmishes that are most violent in the areas of art. An outpost in this revolt is City Lights Book Store."

-- Al Aronowitz

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