GeoCities is closing on October 26, 2009. So in Oct I will be moving my stuff to a new www address, I just don't know where yet.

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MAGAZINE CLIPPINGS TO TRADE/SELL. Many available! Some local, some European, some vintage clippings late 1970s-present! Some stars I have over 300+ clippings!

my Auctions Auctions: bybccda <---click to see my current auctions

"Canadians are such polite people that they write graffiti in full sentences" - Garrison Keillor

my fave links

Welcome to Roloff Farms!

Operation Christmas Child

Bill Biggart

photographer who passed away 9/11, whose digital camera photos survived!

The Official Dilbert Website

Late Night Tv Page (talk show celeb listings)

The International Year of Astronomy 2009
Battlestar Galactica

Northern Stars - Canadians in the Movies

TV Tome - guide to the television shows you love

The Official Dilbert Website by Scott Adams - Dilbert, Dogbert and Coworkers!

Rick Hansen Man in Motion Foundation – Supporting Spinal Cord Injury Research
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Family Guy Tv Show The Simpsons McAbee Fossil Digging Tours
Kathy Griffin Insight Film Studios Pitt River Lodge
Jorja Fox Melanie C + Melanie C MySpace MADD Canada Jenna Von Oy's MySpace The Oh-My-God Particle NinaFlowers on MySpace Views of the Solar System
Michael Deluise Art in your Pocket: ATCs - Artist Trading Cards Mars Exploration Rover Mission
FOX Broadcasting Company: Hell's Kitchen Sarah's Swapping Site - friendship book swapping site ESA - Space Science - Sounds from space
Garfield - hiking bc/trail database Warp 9 Non-Sport Cards & Collectibles
Amy's Sport Card Auctions M&M's® Homepage Vancouver Fire Fighters - IAFF Local 18 - Memorials West Coast & Alaska Tsunami Warning Center
Mariska (Hargitay).com PNSN - Pacific Northwest Seismic Network

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