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Welcome to my U2 collector's info site.

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I created this site as an information source for collectors. The contents of this website are not to be copied for ebay auctions, neither my text or pictures. Only links to this site are allowed.  Email me if you have any questions or wish to contribute photos.

Thanks for attending the U2 convention!! Updated sale page should be done by the weekend.

(Feb. 2003) Early this month a green vinyl 7" copy of I Will Follow was listed on ebay. The participants of the CollectU2 list quickly figured out that it was actually an altered photo of a yellow vinyl copy taken from the U2 discography site. The listing was ended shortly after that, several days early. This was an obvious attempt to defraud an unsuspecting collector. Beware of anyone offering this item for sale.

I was recently forwarded the photo below which is the closest proof I have ever seen of an orange vinyl 11:00 Tock Tock. The picture was taken from an unknown website. Any further info would be appreciated to help authenticate this as it is possibly a mislabeled copy of another orange pressing.

(Jan. 2001) According to a British collector, a bootleg red label pressing of Another Day 7" with PS has appeared on the market. It can be easily identified by the incorrect numbers pressed in the vinyl. Most copies seem to be originating from a dealer in France. I am looking for an example to add to my collection. Fake U23 7" red label copies are also known to exist. From what I understand, they don't have the ridges around the label like the official copies.