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SUMMARY Skilled IT professional with a broad-based analytical education and six years of work experience in mainframe systems development for financial and marketing industries. Strong background in PC and Web programming developed through university training and continued education in the corporate environment.
Business Applications
Prudential Financial
Publishers Clearing House
Security Processing Consultants
NYU School of Law
NYU College of Arts and Science
TECHNOLOGY IBM Mainframe - System 370/390:
PC / Client-Server:
HTML, JavaScript, Java, Turbo Pascal, Assembler, DOS, Word, Excel, Word Perfect, Explorer, Navigator, WestLaw, Lexis, LawDesk
BUSINESS APPLICATIONS Stock Loans, Settlements, Corporate Actions,
Client Profiling, Marketing, Monthly Statements
Prudential Financial, New York, NY 2000 - 2002
Project Leader (2001 - 2002)
Senior Analyst (2000 - 2001)
  • Increased accuracy of targeted marketing and messaging by analyzing the Client Statements stream and implementing changes to better identify differences between "households" (collections of accounts).
  • Transformed Abandoned Accounts structure of Client Statements system from single ledger branch to multi-ledger (virtual multiple branches) system.
  • Analyzed and documented Retirements tracking to integrate it into the current structure of Client Profiling and make it adaptable for future Web enhancements.
  • Liaison to users in a feasibility study on the redevelopment of the Advantage Accounts system. Analyzed current functionality and presented it to the users, discussed and developed options for expanding and changing functionality.
  • Designed and coded programs to restructure Client Profiling system from an Account driven system to a Client driven system.
  • Altered existing Client Profiling system by modifying existing programs and coding new ones to create an interface for a new web-based front-end.
  • Authored and implemented programs to create a system which utilizes the mainframe database with a web-based front-end independent of the current online mainframe system.
Publishers Clearing House, Port Washington, NY 1998 - 2000
Programmer Analyst
Data Marketing System development project -- a complete redesign of the firm's marketing processes from a basic, file driven system to a DB2 system incorporating modern "Data Mining" analysis techniques.
  • Fully responsible for development and incorporation of Backorders tracking sub-system -- from analysis of existing Backorder fulfillment process to design and coding of new Backorder sub-system.
  • Participated in the testing of entire new Marketing system.
  • Mentored incoming programmers in the specifics of the firm's systems.
Multi-system Y2K compliance project.
  • Analyzed the impact of modifications of one process on another, including cross-system impacts.
  • Analyzed and modified programs for date expansion and replacement of windowing routines with true compliant code.
  • Created "bridging" routines to allow use of non-compliant data by compliant programs and vice-versa.
  • Primary coordinator for Y2K analysis and conversion of firm's online system.
Securities Processing Consultants, Inc., Livingston, NJ 1995 - 1998
  • Coded routines and modified programs for Securities System Y2K compliance project.
  • Participated in design meetings, wrote proposals, analyzed, coded, tested and implemented system components of new trade system.
  • Involved in design and implementation of interface system between local and foreign systems.
EDUCATION JD, New York University School of Law, New York, NY
BA, Psychology / Computer Science,
New York University College of Arts and Science, New York, NY
Phi Beta Kappa, Founder's Day Honors Scholar, Dean's Honor Roll, NYU Trustee Scholarship