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Norman J. Finkelshteyn

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Some Khazar Buckles

The photographed buckles were found for sale on the Web. Unable to verify claims and descriptions.

Khazar Buckle Types
After "Materials in Archaeology, History and Ethnography of Tauria" , Vol III

First half of VIII C.E.
Kidney-shaped loop, ornamented in relief. Short tongue with flat knob; both hinged to a openwork plate with net design. 2.3(6.0cm).
Compare: "Materials in Archaeology, History and Ethnography of Tauria" , Vol III, p. 369 #11;

First half of VIII C.E.
Kidney-shaped loop; short tongue with flat knob. Both hinged to a thick plate with crimped edge. All three parts are richly decorated with floral design in high relief. 2.7(7.0cm).
Reference: "Materials in Archaeology, History and Ethnography of Tauria" , Vol III, p. 369 # 8

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