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Norman J. Finkelshteyn

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Some Ostrogoth Buckles

The photographed buckles were found for sale on the Web. Unable to verify claims and descriptions.

Buckle plate with Cross
Second half of VI C.E.
Oval loop; hooked tongue with stylized beak and knobbed eyes, both hinged to a rectangular plate. Decorated with a cross in relief. Raised double border along the perimeter with knobbed rivets at the corners. Complete with original back plate. Small area of professional restoration. 3.6"(9.4cm)
Compare: "Materials in Archaeology, History and Ethnography of Tauria", Vol I, p. 207 #1.

Two Lion motif Buckles First half of VII C.E.

Descriptions for both were identical (see below).

Oval buckle loop.
Hooked tongue in the form of a stylized bird head, eyes in relief.
Both elements hinged to rectangular plate.
Stylized lion in relief on the plate, knobbed rivets at each corner, framed by a raised double border. Leather is still preserved between front and back plates. 2.3”(6.0cm) x 4.9”(12.2cm).
For similar buckles with lion motifs, see "Materials in Archaeology, History and Ethnography of Tauria" :, vol. 1, p. 206.
Sold at Christie's Antiquities, NY, June 1999, lot #171

Two Eagle-Headed Buckles First half of VII C.E.

Description for both:
Silver. Each end of kidney-shaped loop terminating in stylized animal heads. The eyes and each end with collar-set cabochon glass, as well as two rows of cabochon glass scrolling along the length. Each side of the massive stylized animal head tongue set with cabochon glass, terminated by standing animal. Rectangular plate has projecting eagle head with glass eye. Central oval glass medallion; six glass cabochons and two rows scrolling on the perimeter. On both, leather belt still preserved between front and back plates.
Compare: "Materials in Archaeology, History and Ethnography of Tauria", Vol I, p. 211 #2.

I. - 19.0cm (aprox. 7.5”).

Sold at Christie's Antiquities, 12/18/98 lot #322

II. - 19.3cm (aprox. 7.5”).

Eagle's glass eye is green. Six glass cabochons on plaque are blue. Back silver plate (with remaining original fabric) reinforced with flat bars.
Listed in Sotheby’s Antiquities, NY, June 14, 2000 #148.

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