Silk Road Designs is the operating name Norman and Leah Finkelshteyn use for their creative endeavors.
Examples of the work of Silk Road Designs and brief profiles of the two artists are provided below.

Norman and Leah live and work in New York City.

Individual Profiles
Leah Finkelshteyn Norman Finkelshteyn
Examples of work by Silk Road Designs


Norman is an IT professional with six years experience in Financial and Marketing Industries.
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He has University degrees in Law and Psychology and has in the past worked as a lawyer and a mediator.
An example of Legal writing forthcoming
Norman is finaly a Web-designer, artist, and writer and has done research on medieval culture and warfare.


Leah is a Writer, Artist, Art Historian, Archivist, and Editor. She has degrees in Art and Art History and currently works as an Editor at Hadassah Magazine.

Samples of Art work
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Ketubah (Jewish mariage document) by Norman and Leah Finkelshteyn


Sketches for Alysa's "Dugma" (wedding monogram)

Essay (prose poem)
Pyre - Succot 2001 by Norman Finkelshteyn
October reflections on the September tragedy.

Historical Research
Turkic Belt Database
Norman has undertaken the project of collecting currently available materials on the decorative belts developed by the Turkic people of late antiquity and the Middle Ages. The project was at the behest of The Red Kaganate experimental archaeology association.

Web-Design, Illustration, Metal-work, Historical Research
The following web sites were fully designed and implemented by Silk Road Designs.

The Red Kaganate
The official web site of The Red Kaganate experimental archaeology association. It was implemented and is maintained by Silk Road Designs.

Armour and Warriors of the Silk Road
Illustrated articles on the armour used by Turkic and related peoples.
Norman's pen and ink illustrations are used throughout.
Photographs of armours made by Norman punctuate the text.

Jewish Warriors
Illustrated articles on various historic instances of Jewish sovereignty and noble warrior culture (for the most part) between the Roman exhile and the creation of the state of Israel.