Updated 03/15/03
I started my engine collection (although I didn't know it would eventually be a collection!) in about 1980 with a John Deere LCU combine power unit, given to me by my (not known at that time) future Father-in-law! In 1998 I added a Maytag, inherited from my Dad, and in 1999 I bought my first engines, a 2HP Stover KA, a 6HP Jaeger from a cement mixer and a 4HP Novo model 'S'. I've added a number since then which you'll find scattered down the page. I collect what suits my fancy, no particular brand. Click on the images to see more and larger pictures, click the speakers to here some of em' run!
  6 H.P. 1926 Jaeger
  6 H.P. Seager Olds
  1-1/2 H.P. 1925 Stover KE
  4 H.P. 1919 Novo 'S'
  1928 Jaeger 2HP Trash Pump
  1931 2H.P. Novo "Fluted Hopper"
  5HP Des Jardins
  Model 92 Maytag
  3HP Headless Witte
  Stationary Engine Serial Number Lists: Hercules, Stover, Maytag