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Welcome to my website. My name is Lisa and I live near Kirriemuir, Scotland, close to the beautiful Angus Glens.

I have a strong interest in Celtic and Norse mythology and folklore. When I discovered that Norwegian Forest cats are part of the old Scandinavian legends I was compelled to find out more. Upon researching this breed not only did I find myself fascinated by their history but also captivated by their beauty and majesty.

The Norsk Skogkatt, or Norwegian Forest Cat, is a large wild looking animal, with long powerful legs, a thick harsh coat and tuffed ears, many Scandinavians believe their Skogkatt is a descendant of the Norwegian Lynx, and many of the tabby varieties do resemble small lynxes, my own cat Dana being one of them. They are slow to mature, taking up to 4 years to reach their full size and weight, some of the males can weigh in at up to 10kg, although 7-8kg is the average. They are gentle, affectionate cats, although can be quite wild as kittens, when all they want to do is climb and play. They tend to mellow as they get older, and although are not lap cats, will happily lie beside you on the sofa, purring away and being admired by their human slaves!

From the land of the mignight sun, deep dark forests and icy Fjords comes a cat out of legend, they are the Faery Cats who fought with the trolls, they pulled the Chariot of the Norse Goddess Freya and they travelled with the Vikings in the famous longships - the Norwegian forest cat - from the cold, dark wood to your fireside rug!

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