Story of NORTHWESTERN AIRLINES …continued…

By Gary R. Tinnes

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The Northwestern Airlines Way

Our mission is to bring passengers what they want and not what is most-profitable. And fly them as close to home as possible to minimize unsafe traveling such as long drives to airports!


Northwestern Airlines is based out of Kansas City Airport (KMCI), with hubs at KLAS and KCVG. Our airline has quite the large variety of airports to fly to. Suggest your favorite city, go ahead, chances are we can add it to our routes.


After trying out almost every aircraft available, including even a TU-154, NWN chose to go with the following fleet:

Boeing 737-686

Boeing 737-986

Boeing 767-286

MD-90/80 series (if you enjoy the Greatest Airliners MD-80 program, we have some painted in the NWN livery)



More than likely we will be adding later on:



As always we will take your suggestions (click) and if enough of you want certain aircraft they could be orderedJ. NWN is currently looking for the small regional prop to join our fleet! Your suggestions are welcome.


For downloading our aircraft please go to . Once we expand we will host all of our aircraft/downloads here. Or you can request your aircraft, registration, or aircraft name by e-mailing ADMIN. We can send aircraft directly to you!


Northwestern Airlines’ Pilots are urged to join the VATSIM network and fly flights on there. That enhances your flying experience by far. In our opinion if you can view this site and play flightsim, you should definitely join VATSIM for real weather and ATC. Now just click the "Join NWN" button below and send and e-mail of interest!


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