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A Genealogy Quarterly Newsletter.

We have a large archive of Milton/Melton family histories, bible records, church records, wills, obituaries, census, cemetery records, marriage records, birth and death records, land records inventories of estates, and copies of original documents.

The"MILTON/MELTON POT" was established 1980 by Margie Gray to open communications with fellow researchers, to reveal where the focus of research is centered and to coordinate a co-operative of information with the participation of the membership. With these efforts, hopefully, this will save time, expense, duplication of gleanings and give new leads to follow-up on for the researcher. A SEARCH through my files/library & QUERIES are FREE. The "MILTON/MELTON POT" is sent out via snail mail. There is also a LIBRARY LOAN PROGRAM. Please contact me for further information.

Your research and/or family history donations would be most welcomed to the "POT".

Please email me your address so I can index your name and lineage. My purpose is to get fellow Milton/Melton researchers in contact with each other. Chances are, I have a list of researchers working on your specific line or the same county/state.

From back issues of 14 volumes of donated research:
[What you will see is a small amount of a large collection.]

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