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A Barrier to Healing

Morris A. Bradley 1985

Just as a magnet will attract and collect small magnetic dust, the electromagnetic field of the human body, often described as the aura, can also attract and collect etheric particles. This flotsam and jetsam that floats around in the etheric sea, which is another dimension that exists closely and in harmony with our physical dimension, can become attached to all human beings when there are imbalances in their bio-electrical energies. It appears that when the life force is at a low ebb there is a build up of these particles on the body and this has a severe draining effect. However, when a person is healthy and pulsing with a strong life force the auric field is increased in size and strength and combined with good body polarity disperses this etheric dross and prevents any further ectoplasmic drain.

Radionic Research Associates have spent a number of years investigating this phenomenon using some orthodox and some unorthodox systems in order to establish the reality of these parasites and the dire effect that they can have on all forms of healing work, plus the way that they affect the body polarity. An experiment that we conducted involved a group of several talented sensitives, what some people term as mediums. These people were tested individually to assess their paranormal abilities.  They were different from the type of person that one may see giving alleged psychic performances on a platform at some Sunday church gathering. The research group chose several volunteers who had large etheric parasites attached to their auras.  In separate trial cases we asked the sensitives if they could 'see' anything unusual about the said person. In each case the description given by the psychic observers were similar, all reporting that there was some energy force draining the life force of the volunteer.

The next step was to remove the etheric parasite from the volunteers by using a method which is described later in this article. On the second viewing of the volunteers by the sensitives, all agreed that the negative energy force was now absent and that the body polarity now seemed to be functioning properly with increased auric growth.  The description given by the sensitives pertaining to etheric parasites is that they often seem to take on structural shapes of mutatious reptiles or giant insects. Some have described these parasites as snakes with legs, crab-like creatures, giant misshapen ants, large lice, fleas, beetles and flies, and even lizard shaped creatures. All agree that the parasites seem to be hooked in on the back of the neck area and grow in size day by day. I have seen all of these types of creations including giant amoebic creatures like blobs, which seem to envelop the whole person.

The next stage the group used to determine the presence of these energies was by the use of dowsers or diviners. Selections of these people were asked individually to test the group of volunteers. Some had parasites attached, some were clear of them. However, in 90% of the cases the dowsing results were correct. The next stage of the experiment was to test the bio-electrical current of the volunteer firstly with the parasite attached and then once the patient had been 'cleared'. The meters used were calibrated in micro-voltage, were very sensitive and were able to detect the alteration of the body polarity from clockwise to anti-clockwise and vice versa, and registered the increase in current that was generated within the auric field once the parasite had been expelled.

There have been Electro Therapeutic Diagnostic Machines developed over the last 20 years (since 1970) that have specially built in circuitry capable of measuring geopathic stress (ground energy waves) that can affect human health, spiritual imbalance, and that register the presence of the etheric dross in the aura and genetic pre-dispositions towards specific health imbalances (This is known as miasms) and in short it show inherent weaknesses to such diseases as tuberculosis, cancer, skin disorders and arthritis.

One such machine used for diagnosing these problems is called the Dermatron and was designed and built by Dr Voll, a brilliant German Biophysicist. Many improvements have been made on this unit over the years and it is employed in clinics of alternative care therapists throughout the world, including New Zealand. Dr Schimmel, another well known German scientist, has also worked in this field of electro-diagnosing and has uncovered the presence of many invisible forces that permeate the human body and its surrounding environment, showing that health patterns can be affected by the presence of above normal interactions.


With homoeopathic medicine, for example, the actions of this therapy are still a mystery or could be even termed as mystical.  A homoeopathic medicine is in reality an etheric energy released from a physical substance. All matter is constructed in two parts and on two levels, the physical and the non-physical(etheric) and it is the latter part of the atom which is used in this type of therapy. Of course the system is really far more complicated than this but one can safely think of Homoeopathic Medicine in terms of energy release. When a patient has an etheric parasite attached to the aura, has severe geopathic stress or bad body polarity, the value of the homoeopathic treatment under these circumstances is minimal because the etheric parasite, etc, absorbs the majority of the treatment, growing even larger while the body remains in a debilitated condition.

Just imagine your car battery being charged, then leaving the lights on all night and letting the engine run. This is the main reason why medical research suggest that homoeopathic Medicine rates only a 40% cure and even some of this could be psychological. Radionic Research Associates believe that homoeopathic medicine is one of nature's greatest assets. However, it appears to fail owing to bad diagnostic work by some practitioners, etheric parasites, geopathic stress, failure to find the correct miasmic nosode required, and failure of the patient in many cases to follow the practitioner's advice correctly. Spiritual healing work, laying-on-of-hands, etheric energy transfer, shiatsu, reflexology, acupuncture, therapeutic massage and radionics can all be severely affected by the presence of etheric parasites either on the patient or on the therapist. It is sad to say that many clinics and healing centres that we have visited over the years contain 'Touch Therapists' who have bad body polarity and parasites attached to them.

This includes osteopaths and chiropractors as well. One of the problems here is that the therapists not only drains some of the energies of the patient but also runs the risk of ectoplasmic infection whereby the microseeds of malignant disorders may be transferred from one being to another. Even a vitamin, herbal and mineral therapy cannot work correctly when the parasites are present because they absorb the vitality of the health aids that are taken by the patient.


Through our research we have discovered two methods of cleansing the aura of unwanted attachments, which also includes etheric shells (the electrical presence of some person who has passed over). The first method is by the use of kinetic projection where the visualisation process is employed by destroying the attachment by using 'violet-coloured Cosmic Fire' and then spinning all of the chakras in a clockwise motion in order to establish correct body polarity. This method can easily be taught to interested therapists. The process is more completely described in another article.

The second system is much simpler whereby the therapist uses a small electro-static generator or a Faradic Unit. The current of AC or pulsating DC produced by these two units with a range from 0 to 40 volts is sufficient to cleanse the aura within 2 to 3 minutes. The AC generator can be made by using a telephone magneto generator with a variable resistor across it to regulate current. It has two probes attached to the outlets of the generator which the patient holds, one in each hand. The pulsating DC unit is similar to a T.E.N.S. device or a Faradic unit which is used for weight reduction. You simply attach a pad to each hand allowing 2 or 3 minutes of current flow into the body. In all cases the therapist will note how quickly the patient improves and responds to their prescribed therapy.

It is our conclusion because of all this information that we have amassed that the first steps to healing are :

  1. The removal of etheric shells or parasites from the patient.
  2. Establishing correct body polarity.
  3. Finding the miasms relating to the patient and affecting a clearance by nosodic prescription.
  4. Finally, provide constitutional therapy such as herbs, minerals, vitamins, homo-botanicals, osteopathic, radionic, acupuncture, etc., in this order.

If you follow this your rate of healing successes will increase dramatically. Once you can perceive etheric parasites and their domain, take a quiet stroll through a hospital and see how many people are affected in the manner just described.

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