The Pendulum



Morris Bradley

In the 1950's I had a small booklet given to me to read, simply titled 'The Pendulum'. It written by an Anglican Clergyman in the 1880's, who had discovered that a glass bead suspended on the end of a piece of cotton or similar thread would turn by itself in a clockwise or anti-clockwise manner when placed over different articles of food, clothing or hardware.

He offered no conclusion as to why this happened other than it may have something to do with some type of electro-magnetic field that surrounds things, and left any further discoveries over to the reader. The man who gave me the book was himself approaching 90 years of age and didn't look a day over 50. He claimed that he used the pendulum to test every thing he was going to eat or drink. This included pills and medicine as well. Before he would partake of anything, out would come his pendulum, and he would place it over the preparation. If it went in an anti-clockwise circle he would throw it in the rubbish bin, medicine and all. This he claimed was what had kept him alive and healthy. He certainly was both.

Once I mastered the use of it myself, I found that I could use it for divining minerals, such as gold and coal. I could find water under the ground, divine illness with it and test the magnetic polarity of anything including the North or South poles on a magnet. It is also of great use to people interested in psychic development work, for it tends to heighten the astral senses. To make one, all you need is a small crockery, glass; plastic or wooden bead, preferably round, with a hole through the centre. Suspend it on a length of fine thread or very fine chain. Learn how to use it on your own body to check the field polarity in different parts and over the chakra points.



First test your own body polarity. This is a must before you ever commence anything. To do this you take the pendulum with the left hand and suspend it over the palm of the right hand. Now, if your body polarity is correct, the pendulum should slowly spin in a clockwise manner. If it does, then this means that the right side of your body is polarized correctly. Take the pendulum with the right hand and hold it over the left hand. The pendulum should then spin in an anti-clockwise direction, for the human body is split in half, the right half being positively polarized, the left half being negatively polarized. So you see that if you are going to use your body as a meter to measure things with, it is imperative that you make sure that it is in proper working order first. It also pays to check the solar plexus area for polarity as well before you start testing, because there is a big seat of electrical and psychic energy situated in this spot. When tested with the pendulum held in the right hand this should also be positively polarized (moving in a clockwise direction).

Please note that all testing work, once the body has been polarized correctly, is done with the pendulum being held in the right hand, even if you are a natural left-hander.



The best way to polarize yourself if you are not functioning correctly is by using visual imagery and thought control. The easiest way is to visulaize a spiral, the coil of life, like a spring through the centre of your own body from feet to head. Start to spin this around in a clockwise motion.

Keep this spinning until you are really spinning around fast, then stop and test the right and left hands again to see if they are working clockwise and anti-clockwise respectively

If you have the body now working properly, right positive, left negative, the test the Solar Plexus area. Keep this up until the pendulum shows that the current is spinning in clockwise direction.

Many people who wake up in the morning and still feel tired. They may feel nauseous, unbalanced, heavy. All are usually suffering from reversed polarization of the body’s magnetic field. The condition can be immediately alleviated by re-polarizing yourself.

A simple test to make is with a glass of water from the tap. First test yourself to see that all is well, then cone your finger and start making circular 'passes' over the water, moving in a clockwise direction. Then take the pendulum and test it. You should find that it will move in a clockwise position as well. Next, reverse the process, going the other way, and after a while, when you test it, you should find that the water is now reversed or negatively polarized. Then finally, just run your hand forwards and backwards over the glass of water in a straight line as if stopping it from spinning in either direction and you should find that the pendulum has stopped spinning, and is moving forwards and backwards in what is known as the neutral position. This position is like the 'tide on the turn'. It is neither going in nor out, just on the turn. You can even experience this condition while working on the body.

Now you can start trying it out on plants, food animals and people. Remember that if a plant is reversed in its polarization, it is 'sick' and so we must positively polarize it. We can give it correctly polarized water to drink, and we can drink it ourselves when we feel a bit off colour, and we can give polarized water to other sick people. Also remember that anything we eat or drink that registers reverse polarity when tested correctly with the pendulum is no good for us in that condition. We can also get sick from the vibrations of food that has been prepared or handled by others who have poor body polarity. If the negative electrical vibration charge is strong enough, then the intake of such food or drink can alter our own body magnetic field. The old Magis and priests understood this and when they 'blessed' food, or said what we call Grace, the basic functioning thought here was the positive polarization or blessing of the food which was soon to be eaten, thereby eliminating any harmful negative emanations.

Food prepared begrudgingly by another, say a wife whose husband is always late home from the pub for tea, or the cook who finds everything a grind, can absorb these negative influences, and over a lengthy period can cause illness, even disease in another person. Remember our demonstrations of the power of positive and negative thought control. All food to be prepared should be done with a loving frame of mind, no matter how tedious the task may be, and all people who partake of any food should first make sure that it is clean of harmful vibrations by the use of sub-conscious thought polarization. Visualize everything before your eyes on that table and spin in a clockwise direction, just to be on the safe side.



Situated in the human body are 7 points known as the Chakras, an Indian word. Underneath these points are the endocrine glands, from which much energy is drawn into the body and much ecto-plasmic energy is exuded.

These chakras or 'wheels' must be spinning in a clockwise direction as well, if we wish to get benefit from them, for they are distribution points for electrical energy, that keep a certain section of the body and its organs functioning correctly, and with the correct type of polarized current flow.

When one or more of these points suffer from reverse polarization it produces an electrical malfunction in this gland that can be directly responsible for some sickness or disease to start in this specific area. Acupuncture has a similar system, but with a greater number of terminal points of electrical current, where little needles are stuck into the skin in the hope of redistributing or rechannelling the electricity.


There is obviously much we do not know, or have not yet discovered, about electro-magnetism and allied fields of electrical phenomena. Most people think in terms of 'if there is no wire, how can the current flow through?' This is what they think when they see a piece of cotton tied to a glass bead. They have yet to realize there is a subatomic structure to all things that work on a different principle.

One can hold a piece of cotton in the hand weighted by a bead and that cotton is like a 'feeler' or an antennae. This picks up certain sub-atomic vibrations that run through the atomic structure of the cotton, just as if we were holding a fine piece of wire. The cotton or string become sensitized by our own vibrations. When we place this in other areas that contain various types of sub-atomic magnetic fields, one can 'read' the polarities of these areas, and alter the polarity if need be by thought control.

Many good clairvoyants can see this activity with the psychic eye and claim that it looks like 'little whirlpools' or vortices, or others can just place their hand in this area and tell which way the polarity is going. Correct polarization is an important thing to the human body, and when the medical world understand this function a little better we will have more progress in eradicating disease and illness by prevention.

To check this get your favourite pot plant and keep reversing the polarity of it so that it is always negatively polarized. Then watch it slowly 'give up the ghost' and die before your eyes. What can happen to plant tissue can also happen to human tissue, and it does. This is the principle of the 'prayer of death' that the old witch doctors use. Yes, it is solely the psycho-kinetic transmission of negatively polarized thought vibrations that do the 'trick'.

So perhaps we can all stop for a moment and think just how much harm we could be doing to others with our own enmity, envy and egocentric competitive thought of greed. Yes, these 'hate' sessions pile up karma on ourselves, and do harm to others. Our 'must win at all costs' attitude that we loosely term as just a businesslike approach to things, borders on idolatry, which makes the individual like a whirlpool sucking everything towards oneself, and keeps a person in a negative state of polarity, for he is 'in-going' not outgoing.

Many types of instruments are being developed overseas that can measure this 'sub-atomic field activity' and its highly sensitive vibrations, so it seems that yesterday's 'parlour game' (swinging the pendulum) will soon become a scientific tool that will help to unravel new areas of universal energy. So yesterday's 'old wives tale' will become tomorrow’s absolute law in ASTRAL SCIENCE.

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