An Index of African American Obituary and Funeral Notices - Buffalo, New York - 1998

During 1998, death notices, obituaries, and funeral programs were collected and clipped from The Buffalo News, The Buffalo Challenger, and The Buffalo Criterion. The names are presented on three spreadsheets, along with a chart describing the columns, and a key page for the Churches and Funeral Directors. You may view those from the Buffalo News online.

Method of Selecting Newspaper Listings

Personal judgement of the compiler is involved. Errors of omission and addition are likely. 1) Not every decedent has a notice placed in the press. Of those listed, I scan for: 2) Residence (Over 90% of the African Americans in 1990 Erie Co, NY lived in Buffalo); 3) Services held at a predominantly African American House of Worship; and 4) Funeral arrangements provided by a mortuary which is traditionally known to serve the African American community. An example of those likely to have been omitted: The notice for an African American who lived in a suburb, attended a suburban Catholic Church, and used a suburban mortuary.


Presentation of Data

The data is presented in columnar format. Please view the Chart describing the columns before going to the 710 listings alphabetized on the spreadsheets.

Surnames ADAMS - GUICE

Surnames HALE - NOTYCE

Surnames O'JAY - YOUNG

If you are interested in a particular surname, not the Codes listed under the Church (Ch) and Funeral Directors (Mort), and then check for them on the Key Page. If you write BGSAD for information on how to obtain copies of funeral programs or clippings, be sure to include the full name of the deceased individual.