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My name is Rosita.I am 20ish and in the United Kingsom at the moment. I was born in Peru. This is all about me. I am a Paqo to anyone who does not understand quechua this that means an Andean Shaman. I am at the Forth level of Andean which is the highest level. Equivilent to the british high priestess or priest. I am a Pampa Mesayoq which is a earth Shaman.(Pampa is the quechua word for field) Who works with the earth and the spirits of the mountains.I will explain more about this.Please E-mail me.
The basics of andean shamanism are:
Everything is universally one

There are several types of energy. The main of these being Sami Prounounced (sah-mee) and hucha prounounced (who-cha). Sami is refined energy from the cosmos.Hucha is dense heavy energy. Which is not to be equated to the western terms of light/Darkness, Good/Bad nor is it simnilar to yin/yang.

Despacho Ceremony: Is a offering to pachamama which has a set purpose such as to heal or to ask for guidanceor safety on a journey.

If you have any question you are welcome to E-mail me.
Doņa Rosita Mariano Apasa 
Everyone i know and meet is classed as my family.