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Welcome to the world of Halo with the Kids Next Door. 6 young operatives are in the ring world filled with mystery, and evil. They battle an evil race of aliens known as the Covenant. Their survival is imperative now. They have no place to run, and no place to hide!


May 16th, 2005: Added an Extended Scene and a Deleted Scene in Chapter 1. Be careful. The Deleted Scene has swear words.

May 12th, 2005: Hey! I'm back! I'm now accepting fanart for the story! If you have any awesome pictures of the kids, the Covenant, the Flood, whatever, send them to the following address: luise465@hotmail.com.

June 1st, 2004: I am SO sorry! I've neglected this story for a long time! Now, it's finished! Chapter 10 (The Maw) is now up! Pretty soon, I'll begin on something big!

March 22nd, 2004: Gaahh! I can't believe I laid the story off for 3 months!!! Anyhow, Chapter 9 (Chad, Kuki & Abby) and another cool link is up.

January 30th, 2004: Sorry for the 10 day lag. Anyway, Chapter 8 (Two Betrayals) is now up!

January 20th, 2004: Chapter 7 (The Library) is up!

January 17th, 2004: Chapter 6 (343 Guilty Spark) is now up! Be on the lookout for a couple that nobody has heard before.

January 16th, 2004: Chapter 5 (Assault On The Control Room) is now up!

January 13th, 2004: Numbuh 4's, Numbuh 5's and Numbuh 274's profiles are now up.

January 12th, 2004: Chapter 4 (The Silent Cartographer) is now up! Also, Numbuh 2's and Numbuh 3's profiles are also up.

January 9th, 2004: Added a whole bunch of links throughout my interests!

January 8th, 2004: Chapter 3 (The Truth And Reconciliation) is up! Be on the lookout for two common and close couples.

January 6th, 2004: Chapter 2 (Halo) is up!

December 19th, 2003: Re-made Chapter 1 into "Legendary" Mode.

December 16th, 2003: Added Chapter 1.

December 11th, 2003: K.N.D. + Halo debuts. Placed Numbuh 1 in the characters section. 1