Neon Genesis Evangelion
This is a tribute page to one of my favourite characters from Evangelion, Sohryu Asuka Langley. How could anyone not like her? Okay, so shes loud, bratty, bossy, *violent*...but still! Shes also a damn good EVA pilot (at first, anyhow), and shes the only one to have piloted EVA underwater *and* inside a volcano!! I mean, she has no proper family-at least Shinji had Misato, and *spoiler alert!!*her history isn't all that great, either (Think mom...suicide) Shes smart, funny, she can be nice, to Hikari, and even tolerates Shinji sometimes! If she hated his guts, then how would they be able to work together so perfectly in "With One Accord in a Flash"? So shes a annoying little brat who runs around showing off her EVA....well, if you've got it, flaunt it!!
~ She's not a ditz! Theres some  brains under all that hair!!!
~She's a redhead! And I'm not biased because I'm a redhead myself... ^_^
~She's a good EVA pilot!
~She speaks her mind-all the time
~She's brave! Do you think Shinji would have the guts to go inside a volcano at a thousand-something degrees?! I think not
~She's confident! Unlike one EVA pilot whose name I won't mention...
~"Anta baka!" That's a reason by itself
~She's tri-lingual! English, German,
and Kanji *person sitting at keyboard turns green with envy*
~Her EVA is the best! It's the best! And it doesn't go nuts, which is an added bonus..not like some people's whose name I won't mention...
~She has a wide variety of emotions, AND has better people skills (in my humble opinion) Well, she's certainly not shy...
~The EVA series fight in Rebirth....what can I say?
~There have been a million (okay, three) Rei clones, but theres only one Asuka!!

But Shinji's not that bad...
I have just realised there is a *lot* of Shinji-bashing here, which is not that fair, I guess. I mean, I'm not anti-Shinji-although the last scene of End of EVA did almost tip the scale-It's not really his fault that he's so introverted and has almost no self-confidence. It's all that Gendo there anyone out there who does not think he is an evil freak? Misato (another fav of mine) did help him come out of his shell a bit, I suppose. Also, I am a ShinjixAsuka fan, I think Shinji would cool Asuka down a bit, and she would help him be a bit more outgoing. Well, thats what I think. ShinjixRei? Yick.....incest. Bad..
Asuka's Profile
NAME: Sohryu Asuka Langley born 4/12/2001
Bloodtype: 0      Distinguishing Characteristics
                          Red hair and blue eyes
Mother-Sohryu Kyoko Zepplin.
Unit 02's Profile
Official Name: Production Model
~Designed, and parts manufactured in Japan
~Built in Germany
~First EVA built for proper battle
~Only EVA to have battled underwater, and inside volcano
~Kyoko's soul lives inside it
Red paint
Four eyes

Not many at the moment, hope to put a few more up soon....if my computer doesn't blow up on me like it's been threatening to do these past few days....
I love this site!! A must for all Asuka-fans. Rei-lovers won't find it quite as amusing though...
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Asuka Quotes!!
"YOU IDIOT!!!" Possibly the most well-known Asuka quote...usually aimed at Shinji ^_^