……..JusT m3 n m3 n m3 n me…….

Nie lah akoo!! Kwang kwang kwang

diS iS mA sPaCe~~~~

wAnnA nOe 'bOut mE?? =)

    I'm Nurul Athirah Ab Aziz..or rather known as T-ReX ere.huhu =p sTudYing in maTriX rite n0w..as stated ab0ve..in Kedah of courSe. asal?? Hmmmm..wut do u think? I'm pure Qlantanese.. Best-daY on 11th of October 1988 [I'm not 18 yet!!] huhu.my home is at Kota Bharu. Favourite past-time is window shopping, reading. My passion is always be the dance. Music is my life. Couldn't live without my favourite songs!!! ~~ how do I live without you--my baby you--this I prmise you--only one--helena. I dun have any siblings =) sumtymes its quite a freedom.n sumtymes its quite boring.hm…….I'm an animap-lover. Luv cats, pigeons, rabbits n buffalo!!! wahahaha.

>> luv singing
>> kuat tdoq.wawawa
>> kuat mkn
>> luv teddy bears.chocolates n pink!!
>>h8 smokers!!
>> luv pink karer.haha.purple.white.
>> stedy cool
>> luv jokes.make jokes is me too.huhu
fun is me!!
~~ love romantic stories.
~~ people say I'm pretty. Am I? Huhu
~~sopan seyh. 'mintak lalu…' hehe
~~ eyes r my weapon
>> wanna live happily ever after wit my prince charming...haniff =)

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