Thirukkural in Saurashtra ()



      As a language Saurashtra has an interesting history. Once spoken in the region of Saurashtra, now a part of Gujarat, the language survives through a few Saurashtrians settled in parts of Tamil Nadu.  It is only natural that the Saurashtrians settled in the state have translated the Kural into this language of Indo-Aryan language belonging to the Indo-Iranian branch of the Indo-European language family.

      The only translation known to us is Tirukkural Payiram, by S.S. Ram published from Madurai. The idea here is to present the translation in the Saurashtra script as well as in the modified Tamil script, which most Saurashtrians are familiar with. Saurashtrian language is perhaps the only Indo-Aryan language employing a Dravidian script.

       Thanks to the dedication of N.G. Sivamurugan, currently working at Bangalore, I could obtain soft copies of the complete translations using Tamil and Saurashtra scripts.



Visit this page for a complete translation of the Kural in Saurashtra.




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