Spring 2002

NW209: TCP/IP for Microsoft Windows 2000

Course Syllabus

Textbook Info
The ISBN number for the preferred class textbook:
TCP/IP for Windows 2000 by Dave Houde and Tim Hoffman) is 0-13-028160-3.

Amazon.com has several new and used copies at reduced rates. Click here to look at their choices.

Semester Grades Posted (finally)

Class Topics:

IPSEC Resources
IPSec VPN Discussion
Windows 2000 DNS Whitepaper (please read)
Windows 2000 DHCP Overview
Managing DHCP Scopes in Windows 2000

Wins Overview Part 1
Wins Overview Part 2

Microsoft Browser Functions
Microsoft Browsing Overview *new

IP Addressing Fundamentals
Introduction to the Internet and TCP/IP
TCP/IP Architecture - part 1
TCP/IP Architecture - part 2

Subnetting (mostly by Microsoft)
Subnetting (my page)
A Subnetting Tutorial
Another Subnetting Website

Online Subnetting Quiz
Supernetting (my page)

Some Links mentioned in class:
RFC Editor http://www-rfc-editor.org - repository of all Request for Comments (RFCs)
ARIN - to lookup which entities own a particular IP address range.