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My Sweet Arabian

Talla, my most beautiful Arabian...

{updated 2002} Talla is a 17-year-old Arabian mare. She is 60.43% Crabbet/Blunt breeding. Talla came to me at age 7, unbroke and badly abused in the past. Talla's abuse was so severe that today she still carries the scars and can be difficult to work with on the ground. We could not even brush her without her thinking we were going to beat her. She was so very frightened. With steady work she improves but I always have to be on my toes when working with her. Tacking up was my biggest problem until just a couple of years ago. She can be so good, but when I change to a different saddle, saddle pad (color, size, etc.) she still starts to shake. Most of our problems have been on the ground - once I am in the saddle and we are in the woods we have a wonderful time together. She will go through anything and do whatever you ask her to do. The years (1996-1999) there has been very light riding because of illness and injury to both Talla and me. The year 2000 was our best year for riding. I was home and rode her 4-5 times a week. What a wonderful summer we had.

Willie and Talla

Now at age 17 we have a wonderful relationship. When I call her name she looks for me and nickers, what a wonderful feeling that is.

Talla shares her home with 3 goats. The goat in this picture is Willie. Willie is very close to Talla and is by her side most of the time. I think that if it were possible he would love going with us in the woods. But that would be too dangerous, as in northern New Jersey we have a lot of black bears.

Talla at home


Talla on my lawn- her pasture barn

Talla is a backyard horse. She has her barn in my neighbor's backyard as I don't have the property to keep her in my backyard. Talla uses my front lawn as her pasture. It's a great arrangement. When I am done riding I can let her graze and enjoy her that much longer. Last year we are seeded the lawn with pasture grass. Only the best for my Talla!

More photos at home and barn...

Wawayanda State Park

Lake Wawayanda (State Park)

Wawayanda State Park is my backyard. I can tack up and be in the woods in 10 minutes. There are several loop rides in the park ranging from 1-5 hours. There is hiking, mountain biking, horseback riding, swimming, fishing, camping, etc. It's a beautiful park with a variety of wildlife, trees, plants, and terrain.

Riding in northern New Jersey can be very exciting! We have lots of Black Bears and almost every ride you will see one and sometimes two, or maybe a mother with cubs. Talla is not afraid of the bears, they are in the woods behind her barn and corral all the time. She is more afraid of deer and raccoons.... We have had a couple of black bear encounters that were quite interesting. I was followed by two bears that were off the trail about 100 feet just following along with me. I think they were young bears that were just booted out by mom and were still confused, looking for direction in life.

Another time I thought there was a big black dog in front of me on the trail. When it came around the bend Talla and I stopped and my mouth dropped open. I just sat there and Talla had her ears forward just looking. The bear was limping in the front and was looking at the ground. He didn't see or smell us. When he finally looked up and saw us he spun around so fast and was gone in a flash. I figure he was only a car length in front of us, very close.

More Park photos...

Some Pedigree Info

Talla's full name is Douglin Talla

Douglin Talla is sired by the stallion Braheem (Seraj x Natez daughter) and out of the mare Douglin Gusilla (Gazon son x Tsatyr daughter). She was foaled on April 5, 1985. Talla had one foal when she was 6 years old and has been schooled lightly in Dressage.

extended trot


more photos and stories.....

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