The Second Battle of Pinehurst Fields
- Chapter One -
Here We Go Again!

This is a battle report of of a 25mm DBA game (on a 4' by 4' table) that I fought with Mark Otley towards the end of '98, using 20mm plastic Early Imperial Romans (Esci), commanded by me, and Ancient British (Revel Celts and Airfix Chariots) commanded by Mark. This report is aimed at those who are not familiar with DBA.

Ok, having learnt my lesson last time (basically that we were playing DBA, not DBM, - Mark's warband didn't have any march moves. Have a read of The First Battle of Pinehurst Fields for further explaination. (Actually, not much point at the moment, considering I havn't added any text to the photo's yet!)), I set up accordingly.

The Legionaries (Blades) were placed in column behind the wood, with their supporting Archers (Psiloi) mixed in with them (they are the guys you can see in the column dressed in white). I swapped the Barbarian allies (Warband) from my last game for an element of Equites Sagittari (Light Horse), and placed it with my Equites Alares (Cavalry - including my General) on the left flank. The Auxilia took up position on the right.

Mark set up much as before, warriors (Warband) in the middle, with a couple of them double ranked, his cavalry (Light Horse) on the right (my left) and the Skirmishers (Psiloi) on his left. His chariots, including his general, he placed at the rear (in front of the Baggage Elements/Huts), which gave him the added flexibility of re-deployment that was shown to such good effect in the previous game.

And then we were off...

Continued in Chapter Two - Chariots Committed


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