Dave's Poeni [Cart] Light Horse

Poeni Light Horse

To quote Dave...

...took the light horse from Zeveda's Macedonian Cav chopped the pelta shields off of the figures (and unfortunately half of the spare javelins from one of the figs:-( ), chopped their heads off :-), then did the drill down conversion using a Numidian and Cart head.

His head conversions are really clever, quite simple and very elegant. Again, to quote Dave...

  • Chop the head off of the figure you are wanting to convert.
  • Drill down the neck with an Exacto Knife (scalpel).
  • Get the figure with the head you want to place on your conversion figure.
  • Slice down both shoulders then across the end of both cuts and pop the head/slice off of the figure.
  • Trim the head/slice until it fits into the cavity made by the exacto knife on the figure you are wanting to convert.
  • [And hey presto!]

Makes a much more secure bond too than just chopping off a head, plonking it onto some shoulders and hoping the glue will keep it there! It also allows the head to be positioned however you want it and still maintains the secure fit.


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