HI! Welcome to my web page. I hope you like it. OK i just got rid of all the gif's from this page i know haow much it was slowing things down. working on getting this site back on feet as we speek this may take a lil while but i'm working on it, Plaese bare with me I'm doing things as fast as I can manage, i got 2 web site and a neopets guild so you can guess how much work this all takes let alone time. If you have any ideas for this web page or there is something you would like to see here or a broken link to report, e-mail me, I'd love to hear from you for any *REASON.
(* Thanks for the correct spelling)LOVE YA IN CHRIST ><>
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HEY if you have'nt goten the theme of this web page yet it's "Gods Love" Agape and his love is some powerful stuff. His love, its the only thing that keeps me loving him. His love can change everthing and anything. Its Awesome, its Radical, Extreme. (And radical does'nt mean what you think it does. according to my Random house dic. 1968. it maens "of or pertaining to roots or origins; fundamental," then the stuff about extreme) And God is definitely love, so our roots & origins & fundamentals in him are LOVE. He made us with love, out of love. (well yes dirt, but thats not the piont) The piont is God loves you. And because of his great love for us Jesus came and died for us, so you could be Gods child too. Now thats Love! love for you! God pours out his love in our hearts and its awesome. With his love in your heart you always know he's there, right with you. its justifiably ecellent. Even when we were unthankfull & evil he still loved us.

He's a Love Extremist.