Hello!! Welcome to my website. From this index there are many places you can go: my Artwork site, my Ball Python site, my Kane Hodder site, my Wishmaster site, my Wishmaster club, my Andrew Divoff site, my Brian Adams Fan Club, or my Kronic Wallpapers and Calendars site. All sites are listed below... just click the banner. If you would like to link to any of these places, feel free to. You can use a banner to link to me if you want. If you want to use banner and would like me to e-mail it to you or you have any comments, my e-mail is thehokuspokusjoka@yahoo.com

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My Personal Sites

Danielle's Artwork

Danielle's 1994 Camaro

Horror-Related Sites

Kane Hodder Site--Kane's the guy who plays Jason from the Friday the 13th films

The WishmasteR Realm

The Djinn's Opal - A Wishmaster Club

Andrew Divoff--actor who portrayed the Djinn from Wishmaster


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