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Welcome to the Hall of the Blue Ajah for the Netland White Tower. Comments/questions about the ajah should be directed to our Sitter, Iris Sedai. Anything concerning this site should go to Kirlanna Sedai.
Over to the left are the navigation links. Entrance will lead back to this page. The Hall and Blueness have interesting information ranging from a map of the Blue hall to the Blue philosophy and more. Members, Sisters, Warders, and Aspirants list past and present Blue Aes Sedai, their Warders, and Tower initiates aspiring to the Blue ... as well as various forms of contact and general information. The Common Room is the forum where Sisters interact, but everyone is welcome. The Tower leads to the main NWT site.
Updates and other news are displayed over at the right. If you have an announcement you'd like posted here, email it to Kirlanna Sedai,

The Blue Hall is a subdivision of the Netland White Tower, a roleplaying community based on Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time series.

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Our lovely NT having undergone serious revision and improvement, where does that leave this site?
Welcome to our newest Sister, Doralyse. Also, welcome and congratulations to Ingtar al'Thorn, newly bonded to Kementari and recently-made Master of Arms
Nefer and Kementari joined the ranks of the Blue Sisters quite a time ago. Info for Nefer is up, as is info for Hinka, gaidar to Velieen.
Having resigned as Mistress of Novices, Kirlanna was finally able to dive back into the task of getting the site finished! Sisters should check their pages and send information for there and the library in the Hall to
Keep your eyes open for more information on the Blueness section soon.
The new (and hopefully improved) Blue site is now partially up after the problem with our host that led to the loss of our old site. In the process of going about getting things back up, Kirlanna decided it was time for a revamp. Sisters should especially look at The Hall and Blueness sections when they become available, as submissions and suggestions are still needed to fill out those areas.